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Hehe, thanks.. I just love these forums, & after a whlie of being here.. I felt that it is missing some pics. for new users & so, to know the cars. :)
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is it true that the car is ready for sale right now for instant delivery at Ghabbour?!!
i called ghabbour and they told me that i can reserve the car for 1,000 EP and i will get i after a month and when i told them about the instant delivery they told me that they sold all the cars that they have so i have to wait a month for that
N3's overseas

This summer 775 Xiali N3's were exported to Algeria.

A look at the engine room photo shows that each front suspension strut is secured at the top with only 2 bolts instead of the usual 3. How will the N3 stand up to the rough roads outside China?
im not a big fan of this xiali, but its not bad
N3 is basically just redesigned and modernised Xiali A, that means Daihatsu Charade, right?

That's obvious if you are looking at the shapes of the car or its back:

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Is this the Xiali model that ranked the highest among "compacts" in the Initial Quality Survey (IQS) of J.D.Power this year?
They never seem to say which Xiali they are referring to.

And is this the Xiali model that FAW plans to export to Mexico next month as a CBU, and later as a CKD for assembly at a new plant there?
Where I find it

Hello I request your help to find any crash test of Xiali N3, Thank You So Much
Main differences between new and old version.

New dual reflector headlamps:

Changed front grill:

More stylish rear lights:

Refreshed N3 has the blinkers built into side view mirrors:
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I know it's based on the Daihatsu Charade, but I can't help thinking it looks like a late Citroen Saxo.


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1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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