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Changchun Fawsn Automotive Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (FSAT or Fucheng Auto 富晟汽车) has been set up by Changchun Fawsn Group Co., Ltd., an arm of FAW, for research into innovative lightweight new energy vehicles and vehicle technologies. Fawsn Group is a manufacturer of components and modules/sub-assemblies for FAW, BAIC, and other automakers.

The LWEV is an experimental lightweight electric sedan unveiled at 2018 Auto China. Its dimensions of 4600 x 1800 x 1500 mm and appearance strongly suggest that design-wise it is based on the Besturn B30; however the bodyshell is new in order to reduce weight. The body is made of non-weight-bearing composite material (including carbon fiber) resting on an aluminum alloy frame. Rivets, bolts, and adhesive have been used to bond the panels which has also reduced manufacturing cost. The FWD vehicle uses two in-wheel 35 kW hub motors, eliminating shafts and gears.

FSAT has ambitious plans to set up a string of factories, starting (in 2019) with one in Shizu County, Chongqing, and a second one in Luzhou, Sichuan.


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