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:thumb: In recent months, Egypt is seeing not only the summer fever, but also waves of "China fever", seemingly triggered by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's June visit to Egypt and fueled by the planned China-Africa cooperation forum in early November.

From the popularity of China-made goods to Egyptians' craze for the Chinese language and to senior Egyptian officials' zeal for visiting China, a "China mania" is sweeping this populous north African nation.


Egyptian officials are now talking more than ever about China and its success, and senior Egyptian officials are flocking to China for a visit.

The "visiting-China" wave started on Sept. 4 when Egypt's Minister of Trade and Industry Rachid Mohamed Rachid began a week-long visit to China, his first to the country as a minister.

"The Chinese success is a pioneering one," Rachid tells Xinhua after the tour. "Egypt must benefit from China's great and important experience and transfer the successful Chinese experience to the Egyptian society."

Following Rachid, Egyptian Transport Minister Mohamed Mansour started a four-day visit to China on Oct. 9.

Other senior officials, including Petroleum Minister Samir Fahmi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Tareq Kamel and Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit, are expected to visit China soon.

The "visiting-China" wave is expected to come to a climax in early November when Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is expected to attend the China-Africa Beijing Summit.

Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs Aly Houssam el-Hefny said at a seminar on Egyptian-Sino relations that Mubarak's upcoming visit to China would be of special significance.

The visit comes after frequent exchanges of visits by Egyptian and Chinese leaders and also at a time when Egypt and China celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties, he said.

"The whole country is paying unprecedented attention to developing relations with China," he said.

The China-Africa Beijing Summit and China-Africa Cooperation Forum are due on Nov. 3-5, when Chinese and African leaders will review Sino-African ties, draw a blueprint for future cooperation and exchange views on major international issues.


Good-quality, low-price "China-made" commodities are now popular in Egypt, as in other parts of the world.

"The Chinese goods are of good quality and offer lower prices and compete fiercely," Rachid told Xinhua.

During the past several years, Egyptians have got used to buying Chinese goods, most of them being small items with few technologies.

Now, Egyptian consumers are beginning to buy large China-made commodities such as cars assembled both at home and in Egypt, as Chinese carmakers enter the north African nation's market.

Chery Automobile, China's largest home-grown carmaker based in central China, entered Egypt on Aug. 1 when it declared cooperation with Daewoo Motors Egypt (DAE).

Other Chinese carmakers including Geely Automobile, Hafei Motor and Brilliance China Automobile have also entered Egypt.

Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Wu Sike said trade between Egypt and China had been growing vigorously for several years.

Bilateral trade reached some 2.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2005, up by 36 percent over 2004. The trade volume in the first eight months of this year jumped by some 47.6 percent to reach nearly two billion dollars, Wu said.


With Sino-Egyptian ties becoming stronger and numbers of Chinese tourists and companies in Egypt growing, there is an increasing demand for Egyptians who can speak Chinese, which is prompting more Egyptians to learn the language.

The Chinese Cultural Center in downtown Cairo has an interesting story to tell about Egyptians' growing zest for the Chinese language.

The center, founded in 2002 as the first of its kind in the Arab world, set up a Chinese-teaching course for Egyptians in Sept. 2003. With three months for every program, it is designed to teach learners some basic Chinese.

Xu Zhiguo, cultural counselor of the Chinese embassy in Egypt, told Xinhua that only 20 Egyptians attended the first course in Sept. 2003.

But one year later, some 80 or even more Egyptians applied, and some of them had to wait for the next course because of a lack of teachers.

At present, every course at the center has some 60 Egyptian learners. So far, at least 600 Egyptians have received the basic language training in the center, according to Xu.

"Learning Chinese is becoming more useful," Xu said. "More Chinese tourists are coming to Egypt and there is a shortage of tour guides who can speak Chinese. Besides, more Chinese companies are investing here and they want local employees knowing Chinese."

Apart from the Cultural Center, some Egyptian universities have set up Chinese-language departments in recent years, such as Cairo University, Al-Azhar University and Ain Shams University.

Altogether, the three universities currently have more than 700 students learning the Chinese language.

Last month, the Office of the Chinese Language Council International signed a letter of intent with Cairo University to jointly set up a Confucius Institute.

Today, when Chinese tourists come to Egypt, they will often be greeted by Egyptians with "Nihao", which means "Hello" in Chinese, wherever they are, from the popular Khan el-Khalili market in downtown Cairo to Hurghada, a hot Red Sea resort some 400 km southeast of Cairo.

Source: Xinhua

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Adding more news to that FEVER

in Late 2007 , the First ChinaTown in the Middle East will be opened in New Cairo which will have Appartments /Factories / Office Buildings and A High Tech City inside , Mostly chinese companies ,INCLUDING 3 Chinese Automakers, unkown the names , but I am sure its Chery / Brilliance and FAW

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cryptonx said:
Adding more news to that FEVER

in Late 2007 , the First ChinaTown in the Middle East will be opened in New Cairo which will have Appartments /Factories / Office Buildings and A High Tech City inside , Mostly chinese companies ,INCLUDING 3 Chinese Automakers, unkown the names , but I am sure its Chery / Brilliance and FAW

wow very interesting, thnx for letting us know..

the world is quickly changing
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