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few showrooms

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i don't see alot of Alado showrooms around.
just passed by one at usj taipan today.
saw the car from the outside, it looks okay.
if i wasn't on a lunch break i would probably asked for a test drive.

just wondering if they jv showrooms with any other brands?

e.g. MG and Ssangyong.
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A lot of enterprising businessmen paid big money to become dealers (I heard up to RM500K) and I think they are sore that they have had to wait so long for the action to 'start'. And some more, when the QQ was not likely to come in, many are believed to have wanted their money back because they were counting on the cheap QQ to sell by the thousands.
Wow, so much for dealership! If aladao appoint 20 dealers for the whole of malaysia, he will make a cool RM10 million without selling a single car! As alado only estimate to sell 2000 cherys for 2006, it would be about 100 cars per dealer for that year. Profit per car must be damn good. By now, the dealerships would have paid empty rent for almost 8 months. That adds up to quite a sum, surely makes a lot of the dealers sore.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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