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Finally I'm back.

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Finally I'm back peeps. After leaving the forum for some reasons (primarily because some people didn't like my comments about Chinese cars, some people said that I'm a troll but with no reason) I'm back here for share everything about Chinese cars in my hometown Argentina and in the world.
About Chinese cars here, some brands as DFSK or Brilliance Shineray launched in late 2017, and some announced to come here this year, like JAC, GWM or Zanella with their minitruck lineup. And Zotye abandoned the plans of be here, 'cause they had problems with the Euro 4 norms.
This year can be a good year for Chinese cars here, even for us that we will buy the most cheapest 7-seater SUV, the Lifan MyWay.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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