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For Sale: Solar Electric Automobile design

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:nod: See Solar Electric Coupe thread in the general forum for a complete description of vehicle design. Price paid for all production rights per unit, though I wish to retain some limited distribution rights.
Specifically, Stinger Motors Inc. is looking for a current EV manufacturing company that produces both large automotive sized hub motors and a four seat electric car. If you also produce solar products, carbon fiber body panels or automotive LED products, it will be more likely that you can meet or even beat the maximum per unit bid price of USD $15,000.00. per bulk unit established. Every Stinger produced by your company will offer a 20 year manufacturer's warranty on the solar shell, 10 years on the fiberglass body and electrical system (excluding batteries), 5 years on the hub motors and interior components and at least two years on the batteries.Extensive research of the major Asian manufacturing companies, including both Alibaba and Made in China, shows that ALL OF THE TECHNOLOGY SPECIFIED IN THIS UNIQUE DESIGN IS READILY AVAILABLE AT BULK PRICES IN BULK QUANTITIES IN ASIA TODAY. From wheel hub motors to carbon fiber body panels to high quality solar cells and LED lighting, this bid price reflects a realistically priced combination of readily obtainable parts.
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