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Not to forget other significant steps in this direction in China:

Chang'an with its newly introduced Jiexun, now in volume production.

Brilliance with its recently displayed hybrid version of the Zunchi (M1)(BS6).

The Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., established in 2001.

Guangqi Auto's recently displayed AEV and AHEV concept vehicles in Guanzhou.

The Jinhua Youngman Auto tie up with ZAP EV company of the U.S..

Wanxiang Electric Vehicle Research Center (a Bibendum participant)

An assortment of electric mini-vehicle makers also have the potential to go upscale. For example Jindalu, Huoyun, Dong'an Heibao, etc..

The ones that seem to be lagging here however, are the gas-eating light truck and SUV makers like Great Wall, Changfeng, Zhongxing........
1 - 1 of 75 Posts
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