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Future Riich Models

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has anybody of you some information about the upcoming models of Riich that are called Z5, M2 and M3 on the page of Riich Auto?
Were these models shown at the last Auto China under the Chery brand?
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Don't know if this will help.

Chery working on city car

From China Car Times:
Chery’s lust for producing new cars has not expired yet, they seem to have a brilliant knack for designing and producing a wide range of vehicles from full size SUV’s, to cute little city cars, the latest of which appears to be a three door effort that is being lamented as the ‘Chinese SMART car’ by the Chinese auto press.

Apparently this is set to be a future Riich vehicle, and is basically a cut down version of the current Riich M1 mini car. This model works out to be 32cm shorter than its big brother, the Riich M1, and will also carry the same engine such as the 1.3L ATECO engine and also a 1.0L ATECO engine, apparently AMT transmission is also in the works for this car.

A final launch date has not yet been announced, but an airing at the Beijing Auto Show in April is more than likely.
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