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2020 GAC GS3 | 2022 GAC GS5
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Found a way to enter the engineering menu of the gac gs5 and gs3 with the 8” display. طريقة دخول الى قائمة المصنع

1. Firstly you go to the clock screensaver.
١. ظغط زر الساعه في القائمه الرئيسيه
Product Communication Device Portable communications device Gadget Font

2. Click on the digital time
٢. ظغط على زر الساعه الرقميه
Font Rectangle Gadget Darkness Electric blue

3. Click on the 4 corners starting with top left then top right then down right then left right
٣. ظغط على زاويت الشاشه
Product Font Gadget Portable communications device Communication Device

Font Electronic device Circle Number Electric blue
1 - 20 of 28 Posts