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Geely announces new logo

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Besides Great Wall, Geely also changed its logo.

Geely today announced the winner of the Geely Logo Competition. Lucky winner, Yue Xian De, walked away from the Beijing Geely University held show with 360,000rmb in cold hard cash (well, actually a big cardboard check) The new logo is pretty much as we guessed the other day, we think the new logo looks pretty upmarket, but others think it looks like a chromed dog poo.

Two propositions which made it to the finals:

Sources: China Car Times, Autohome.
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Well, what matters the most is to change their whole aspect and start making quality cars, the logo is not that important, unless it was a sign for future changes to be seen later on!

And I like the one on the right much more.
New emblem/logo

I applaud this student's efforts to create a stylized letter "G" borrowed from a foreign language.
But in a country with a long and distinguished history of exquisite calligraphic, and other fine art, I think that we expect more.
.........and the world is ready for it.
im not a fan of the logo's (netiher of the 2 new finalist). i still prefer the old one but many chinese cars seem to be doing this now for example GWM, JAC and a few others.

I hope chery doesnt as i think the logo is fine
BEIJING — What should have been little more than the public unveiling of a new corporate logo has turned into a sort of automotive Rorschach ink-blot test, with critics from around the globe weighing in on what they see in the new Geely logo.

The reaction was swift and negative from the site WorldCarFans, which likened the Geely logo to "Coily [the snake] from Q*bert," an old arcade game. One reader at China Car Times went further and referred to it as "a piece of chromed dog poo." Nonetheless, independent Geely says the new logo "will help accelerate the pace of its strategic transformation."

The new logo was unveiled on Tuesday as the culmination of a design contest that saw the submission of 27,336 entries. The winner was designed by Yue Xiande, who won a whopping $483,675. The winning logo was picked after online voting and further scrutiny by "66 professional adjudicators."
Now I know why I keep getting this "familiar" feeling from that new logo...

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