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Geely GT....which is about to make its debut in 2008 Beijing auto show....


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Another new Geely hatchback! - Geely CE

Fexon Technology Ltd:Another new Geely hatchback! - Geely CE​

The news was brought by the Fexon Technology Ltd

Geely designers must have been scribbling away over the past 12 months in an effort to make some good looking cars! Geely have made the King Kong hatchback, the Geely GT, and the Geely MPV, and as of today, a picture of another Geely hatchback has been released.

The latest Geely is codenamed ‘CE’ and appears to be a mashup of styles, - Mazda 2, Pug 206, Honda Fit etc but somehow, they combine together to make a decent looking vehicle.

We have been hearing rumors of a Geely automotive marathon at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, with Geely turning up with a fistful of new cars, that havent even been seen by the media yet. We wait, patiently

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FC-2 Concept:

HL Concept:

More rendered speculation from Geely

Nothing, other than these renderings, are known about the Geely MPV. We are told that everything will be announced and shown off at the Beijing Auto Show. The Geely SUV is also expected to make a splash at Beijing. The latest rendered drawings do actually show Geely cars are planning on using their new logo.


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Geely Unveils Models to be Introduced at Beijing Auto Show.

Geely Vice President Frank Zhao gave an exciting opening speech at the Automotive News China Conference in Beijing Thursday evening providing a wealth of inside information about Geely’s strategies to continue their stellar growth. According to Mr. Zhao Geely intends to “bring Chinese culture into auto Culture” which appears to translate into a desire to do things China BIG.

Mr. Zhao revealed Geely’s plans to triple engineering staff by the end of 2010 and build a new twenty story R&D center in Hangzhou where they will design award winning Geely products. With this giant engineering powerhouse Geely plans to design five core technology platforms from which they will build 15 production platforms and new 42 models by the end of 2015.

Mr. Zhao also unveiled the new models Geely will exhibit at the Beijing Auto Show next week:

Panda Subcompact
Panda Electrical Car
King Kong HRV
China Dragon
Vision Wagon
FC-2 Hatchback
FC-3 Sedan
GC-1 Luxury Sedan
HL-2 MPV with suicide doors
CE Subcompact
Geely GF Formula Race Car
Geely GT
Source: China Car Times

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