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Re: Geely ''Panda'' (Aoo)

Translated article from said:
2008 Guangzhou Auto Show: Geely Panda LC-E power green cars

Geely LC-E Panda cars using electric power 40Ah lithium-ion battery, the system voltage of 340 volts to a maximum speed of 65 km and 80 km mileage range, the full 5 hours charging time, only to quickly Rechargeable 1 hour. Power, the Geely LC-E uses patented technology Geely's two-rotor motor differential, in the same size, can provide more engine power and torque, and through the motor itself can be achieved and the speed differential can be This is a part, to replace the traditional transmission in the car, and a series of differential drive system of the body must be greatly simplified the structure of the power system, can also control the vehicle's weight to a minimum.

1 - 16 of 113 Posts
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