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Real_I_Hate_China said:
Those that attain high quality ratings are the ones with least amount of Chinese produced content; remember Honda has two Fits; the ones intended for Chinese domenstic market has a 40% Chinese supplied content; the ones destined for Euro export has less than 10% Chinese supplied content. Why would Honda not use Chinese supplied content for Euro market vehicles?
Because Honda want people like you to buy the cars, they make these claims of it being a different vehicle. I doubt it's completely true, and I am sure that they are working hard to validate increased local content, but they probably won't then go and make a big noise about it.

Overseas car makers are trying to get more chinese content into their overseas built cars to improve the value for money.

China market is different to overseas, so are the cars. Biggest selling cherys in china are the QQ at about 5k USD and the Qiyun at about 8-10k, whereas for the usa they are talking about 19k. Different consumers, different car.

Have a good wekend mate.
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