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Hello Everyone

I'm from Costa Rica and Geely has been around here for about a year and a half, and Geely's car customers are not happy, since Geely cars seem to be "bad" according to the general opinion.

Now, the company (a very reliable one, which also sells Mitsubishi here) that is selling Geely here, is selling Geely motorcycles and scooters. One of them caught my attention, the JL-150CC T-6


So far I've met only three persons who own one and they don't tell any bad things mechanics related. People who have been telling bad things about them speak because of their experiences with the cars, but they haven't used the scooters.

Since these scooters are brand new around here I'm lacking more info about their reliability. By the way, the price is like us$400 lower than other brands. Does anyone have more info on them?

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