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Geely trys to get rid of bad reputation in China

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Geely has / had a very bad reputation in China since older models had been used as Taxis before VW brought in the JETTA.
Geely trys to built up a new image with theri latest generaion of cars with promoting them as PEOPLES CARS FOR THE WORKING CLASS - this is the new slogan that you can find at local dealerships in the sichuan province.
The sales of Geely cars are very low in 2009 until now according to Geely Dealers in Chengdu.
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Hey dragin, I actually rode in one of the old Geely taxis about 4 years ago, but not in Chengdu. Old Geelys, Xialis, etc. are still used in the smaller towns, at least in Guangxi province. ALSO, in the smaller towns you are now seeing 3 wheel motorcycles with QQ bodies over it (or Spark, Changhe Ideal, even a poor ripoff of the Toyota Prius)!! These are 150-175cc water cooled motorcycle engines, for their size they can carry 4 people at around 40-50kph top speed.......not too bad really! I rode in a couple of these in the last several weeks in a little town called Xing An in northern Guangxi - almost ALL of the taxis in the town are these QQ style 3 wheel motorcycles! They are buzzy, noisy and kind of cramped - and they are a HELL of a lot of fun to ride in!:D Here's a pic of one, enjoy!!


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You know, a couple of years ago we were talking about the same thing........but then again a couple of years ago Geely was still discovering what a "quality" car really is!;) Anyway, here is the deal with Geely - they have REALLY transformed themselves in the last 1-2 years. New, quality products like the 5 door King Kong (I've driven it - SURPRISINGLY good), the Vision (a friend of mine owns one - AMAZINGLY good) and the Panda (much cooler than you might think, and the upcoming crossover is even better) are signs of Geely's new design ideas AND much better quality control. BUT......things like diluting the brand (3 new sub brands?) and making HORRIBLE copies (the new baby Rolls is just hideous not to mention a insult to Rolls Royce) really holds back Geely's positive efforts. The fact is, in China Geely sales are up this year (I don't remember the stats but it's a good increase) and I think that shows that the chinese consumer is recognizing the quality of Geely's new products. Now - if Geely REALLY wants to be a international/world player, it needs to STOP producing things like the baby Rolls and focus on 1 or 2 (no more) main brand names in it's marketing push. Look at a HUGE world player like Honda - in the USA it's Honda/Acura - that's it. Do we REALLY need new names like EMGRAND or GLEAGLE or ENGLON? Geely, here's some advice - stick with the name GEELY. Keep up the great work with your new designs, keep building them better and better - and just call them GEELY!! Your reputation IS improving, and will continue to do so as long as you keep building a better product - it's as simple as that. Let ONE name (Geely) earn it's reputation fair and square......and in the long run you'll be happy you kept it simple - and effective.:thumb:
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