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Geely trys to get rid of bad reputation in China

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Geely has / had a very bad reputation in China since older models had been used as Taxis before VW brought in the JETTA.
Geely trys to built up a new image with theri latest generaion of cars with promoting them as PEOPLES CARS FOR THE WORKING CLASS - this is the new slogan that you can find at local dealerships in the sichuan province.
The sales of Geely cars are very low in 2009 until now according to Geely Dealers in Chengdu.
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I have bad experience with Geely car in Egypt. I am an owner ofr one of the models. Car is not reliable at all. Service centers are so bad and the technicians are the worst. Spare parts are not available.
it is really terrible experience.
i will not buy any chinese car ever.
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