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Geely Xingyue (FY11)

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FY11 is the first coupe SUV developed by Geely and powered by 1.5T engine.
Size: 4605mm (length), 1878mm (width) and 1643mm (height).
Wheelbase: 2700mm

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Re: Geely FY11

Geely clarifies that the FY11 utilizes the Geely-Volvo CMA architecture (and thus not derived from the smaller, BMA-based Binyue/SX11).

Unexpectedly, Geely FY11 in Russia will be called Azkarra. Now this name is given to Atlas Pro in some countries:
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Geely Tugella (Belarus)

The FY11 will be produced at the BelGee plant in Belarus, badged as "Tugella". It will be accompanied by the (Emgrand) GS.

Currently. the GS comes to Russia from China, and the FY11 (under whatever name) too will be exported to Russia from China when sales begin. However, due to a customs union with Russia, it is reliably certain that these two models will be supplied from Belarus after production gets underway, as is the case for some other Geelys already.
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