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Geely Zhidou (D1, D2, D3)

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Zotye Auto, known as the maker of 5008 EV and the cheapest Chinese car, Jiangnan Alto (TT), is developing a micro pure-electric car looking like Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV, according to the Chinese medium "Internet Info Agency." About half a meter shorter than the i-MiEV, a five-door hatchback, the Zotye model has only three doors and one row of two seats.

Sitting on a 2080mm wheelbase, the Zotye micro EV is said to be 2900mm long, 1545mm wide, and 1590mm high, and thus noticeably larger than the electric Smart Fortwo. For functionality, it gets a 10 kilowatt-hour battery pack (compared with the 14 kilowatt-hour on the second-gen Smart EV) and can run at a top speed of 80km/h (the minimum level set by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for pure-electric passenger cars). The driving range is about 100km (the Ministry requires a minimum of 80km).

Earlier this year, another Zotye micro EV, the electric Jiangnan Alto (TT) has been found on sale in certain parts of China, available in both low-speed and high-way capable versions. Zotye, however, has not yet officially announced the release.

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Re: Zotye Zhidou E20

@Dragin: I agree with your first paragraph.

If I were to pick some hopeful candidates, the most likely manufacturers to transition to the NEV sector over the next few years might be Yogomo, Levdeo, Lichi and Shifeng.

Yogomo does have some type-approved vehicles, mainly cargo versions of their LSEVs, as well as EV and gas versions of their M6320/X6320 (Jieshun) van.

Levdeo of Byvin group is coming up with more powerful, lithium-battery powered versions of their D70 and V60. The V60i is expected to have a decent range. Their designs are good, too. So they are at least heading in the right direction.

Lichi's flagship car, the E9, has a mature design, good enough to be a mainstream car. If any LSEV deserves to become an NEV, in my opinion it is this one. Also remember, Loncin is going to make significant investments into this company and it is their stated goal to make Lichi a major EV player.

Shifeng has shown it is capable of making/acquiring respectable designs - viz. the D101 and D201. Also it is the largest LSEV maker around.

Apart from these, there is of course Kandi (the K10 is a licensed NEV, now upgraded to meet new requirements for 2016). Durabl is another maker which has a car reportedly capable of meeting 2016 standards waiting in the wings.


This discussion is becoming off-topic, deviating from the subject Zhidou E20. I will post further comments/replies in the Mini EV thread under "General Discussion".
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Re: Zotye Zhidou E20

Hi Dmitra,
As for the Kandi K10, isn't it a Geely Meiri (aka SC6, MK)? I wonder if Kandi has any self developed models that have been licensed? Perhaps the K17 or K30?
No, dragin, Kandi K10 is Kandi's own model, the original small 3-door car. The K10 is the (technically upgraded) NEV-compliant version of their KD5010/5011/KD28E LSEV.

The K11, K17 and K30 are electric versions of Geely's existing cars. Another upcoming Kandi model is the K12.

Here are the models:

More on Kandi:
Re: Zotye Zhidou E20

Thanks Dmitra. I had mistaken the K17 for a K10.
You have confirmed what I guessed about Kandi not having developed any model outside the small three door type.
Geely-Zhidou D2S

Facelifted D2, known as D2S. It appears no technical changes have been made.

Of note, the original E20 model that was distributed by Zotye is now known as "H1".

Car Mirror Vehicle Automotive mirror Motor vehicle

More on the D2S:
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Re: Zotye Zhidou E20

@Dragin: I agree with your first paragraph.

If I were to pick some hopeful candidates, the most likely manufacturers to transition to the NEV sector over the next few years might be Yogomo, Levdeo, Lichi and Shifeng.
Further to the discussion about the legalization and certification of Low Speed Electric Vehicle is this article of today:

Unfortunately it doesn't go too far beyond what we know already, but it does agree with your suggestion that Shifeng will be among the lucky ones.
Geely Zhidou D3

Substantially updated model. Likely to be made at the Geely Jinan plant.

Dimensions: Long: 2975 wide: 1585 high: 1590 mm
Wheelbase: 1865 mm
Motor: 30 kW
Speed: 100 km/h

Source: MIIT

Since Zhidou are no longer connected with Zotye, I intend to move this thread to the Geely forum someday.
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Re: Zotye Zhidou E20 & Geely Zhidou

SO ZD got bought by Geely?
Re: Zotye Zhidou E20 & Geely Zhidou

No, Zhidou has not been bought outright by Geely, but after Zotye got busy with its own electric vehicles (Zema with Dearcar, E200, and the Yun series) it did not cooperate further with Zhidou in advancing the E20, and Zhidou and Geely got closer (movie/soap opera script, no?). Point to note is that Geely and Zhidou had already begun their JV operation while the latter was supplying the E20 to Zotye.

Now the Zhidou-Geely cooperation runs very deep, where Zhidou is using or repurposing Geely plants (in Lanzhou, Ningbo and possibly Jinan) to manufacture its microcars.

For the background of the JV read: (pages 011 and 012)

but also read this for a different perspective:
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Re: Zotye Zhidou & Geely Zhidou (D1, D2, D3)

I realize the D3 is a new car altogether. Body panels, windows, interiors -- everything is different from the preceding cars.

P.S.: Since there is no Zotye involvement anymore, I am still wondering if we should move this thread to the Geely forum.
I hardly found what the history of this vehicle is from Zotye to Geely.
Wouldn't it be better to keep the original Zhidou thread in Zhidou section, closing it and (or leaving it open for owners of old models) pointing it to a new one titled "Geely D2 car" in this section? Else, this thread which narrates history of this vehicle will be found only by people already knowing the history!
Zhidou Nanjing project

Zhidou Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (the parent of Lanzhou Zhidou Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.) announced a new project in Nanjing. A manufacturing base for new energy vehicles will be set up in Nanjing Pukou Economic Development Zone (Pukou dt.) in two phases and will have a projected capacity of 200,000 vehicles per annum. The total planned investment is around 12 bn RMB (1.8 bn USD).

For the current shareholding pattern of Zhidou Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., see this post.
So active production bases for Zhidou will be Yongdeng County, Lanzhou, in Gansu; Yinan County, Linyi in Shandong (circa 30K/year); and soon to be brownfield (or greenfield?) plant in Pukou of Nanjing. Is this correct?
Is this correct?
Yes, that's correct, plus Southern Binhai New Area of Ninghai County in Ningbo, Zhejiang, that opened in early 2018 (article).

Zhidou's cars have also been made at Geely's Jinan (Shandong) facility.

Looking at the declared amount of investment, the Nanjing factory appears to be a greenfield project.
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