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Geely's sports car is more exclusive than Aston Martin DB9 or Ferrari 612

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The $7K Sports Car: Geely's Beauty Leopard Goes to Europe

Date posted: 07-25-2006

SHANGHAI, China — The term "low-priced sports car" has been an oxymoron for a long time.

Now Geely of China is preparing to offer its Beauty Leopard to European buyers as early as 2008 — and to sell it at low prices people in the West are not accustomed to paying for a performance car.

The Beauty Leopard sells at about $7,500-$15,000 in China, although Geely says it will be priced higher than in the West. Average yearly sales in China are 500 units and sales are mainly to individuals.
500 a year makes it more exclusive than DB9 or Ferrari 612, Maybach, or Rolls Royce Phantom.
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Is that a positive comment ?
Beauty Leopard in house automatic

........a five-speed manual or automatic transmission developed by Geely
Has Geely developed their own automatic transmission as this article claims?
If so the Human Resources department must have been working overtime to recruit the outside talent in such a short time.
wow thats very miniscule production. I cant see that being cheap, unless they are using same parts for other cars
... where can i find a picture of the Beauty Leopard?

toemo said:
... where can i find a picture of the Beauty Leopard?

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maby thats why they are trying to sell the geely sports car somewhere else
unless they are using same parts for other cars
This is basically a coupe version of Daewoo Lanos, aka CK.
Interestingly, the faltering Leopard has got a Supra-esque tail lights and dash. Geely is going to find the auto business tough as it go along. I will rate Geely as having the least chance of success amongst the fledging exporters.
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