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Gonow in Europe

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Starting in September 2008, China Automobile Deutschland (CAD) will offer to german customers SUV GX6. Prices will start at 20.000 EUR. Buyers will be able to choose between gasoline and diesel engine. The last is produced in Italy (probably by VM Motori).

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gonow still have to do some better quality, i was at shanghai auto show, still there is a place for improvment, especially in design
Have you ever seen gac gonow europe?
anyone can give me information about it?
what you need? they are quite long on the market, you can found on many website their cars, used or new for sale, like on, or other, most popular models are pick up and just recently they offer new range of minivans and trucks called way :thumb:
thanks micodelija for the answer,
I am looking for Way M1 3way tipper, but I would like it with 1.3 cc engine and in their website they speak only about 1.0 cc motor..
maybe gonow don't produce 1.3 engine, it also depend on homologation, what you need stronger engine? do you want to make any upgrades?
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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