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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 8 (Reporter Zhang Yi) - 8 pm, the British Ministry of Transportation Vehicle Certification Board will have the EU vehicle type certification granted to Great Wall Motor Company Limited. Great Wall "Behind," "Cool Bear" and "Hafer 5" "wind-jun 5" 4 models, the EU vehicle certification in the future can be unrestricted free sale in EU countries.

The vehicle certification has created its own brand cars off the most number of certified models, but also the first time China's independent brand vehicles in the EU countries the right to unrestricted free sale.

Great Wall Motor The European Union took a year accreditation by the British Ministry of Communications Vehicle Certification Bureau. Complex and rigorous certification process, including the 48 test items, which involves 13 active safety, passive safety 13, environmental protection and 8, for vehicle emission levels, safety performance and environmental protection are set very high standards.

Over the years, Great Wall Motor to make an international automobile companies as their own direction of development, emphasis on international automotive technology certification. The WVTA certification through the EU, is the Great Wall of motor vehicles through the highest standards of international certification.

The person in charge of Great Wall Industry Corporation, said the EU only taken the Great Wall Motor to open the European market first, followed by the Great Wall will establish a brand image in EU countries carry out activities, such as strict select partners, establish a sound, systematic sales service network and up to date products and marketing to be localized, so that Great Wall Motor and further into the world.

Great Wall Motor is a new force of China's auto exports, export models are mainly SUV, pickup and so on.

:) :) ....great wall is coming in EU!!!
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