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Great Wall Haval H5

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here is first photos of new hover which will be presented at auto show in shanghai
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Re: Great Wall Hover H5

the european press is lobying against the Chinese.
Last week on a portuguese online autonewspaper they were
bashing to a chinese car that were in Shanghai autoshow

A reader left a coment saying something like> If it had a vw logo on it
i bet it was the future of auto industry for you.
Re: Great Wall Hover H5

Hi Mico, i believe that the 2.0 diesel version is more expensive than the 2.8 t.c. diesel version of it
the haval m1 as the same problem. it doesn't work with i-po or nokia e-71
Not even the old hover used leaf springs, it come already with coil springs.
I have to go with micodelija on this one. My first Great Wall was bought in 2007. Ever since i had Hover, Peri, Haval m1, Wingle 3, Wingle 5, Haval h5…
The quality was good from the start, there were some minor faults that i commented on a casual mail with the sales representative regarding the welding of the door panels on the wingle 3. The next day I had in my inbox a form to better explain what was the problem and how I think they could improve it.
They are committed to improve the quality, if something goes wrong they don’t go on denial they face the problem.
I can honestly say that there are great improvements between wingle 3 and wingle 5, H5 is a much better car than Hover.
The older models I sold are well passed the 100.000 km’s barrier, and that being driven on 4x4 roads, with low quality diesel oil, in a tough climate.
Nice mark micodelija.

I dont drive as much as you my old h3 2.8 diesel is still 70.000 kms going strong.

so far the local record is for a wingle 2.8 tc with over 130.000 kms

As for smaller units one peri with 60.000 kms.

so far no major repairs in this cars
Nice color micodelija!

I love the universe blue myself.

Can ou post more pictures from another angles?


I still keep my old Hover, now its over 4 years and runs great
1 - 7 of 353 Posts
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