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Great Wall Haval H5

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here is first photos of new hover which will be presented at auto show in shanghai
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Re: Great Wall Hover H5

Hello to all.
I opened new thread for new Hover (H5).

Info about Hover (H3) can be found at:
This is probably just the evolution of H3, right?

H5 offers some interesting feauters.

-Rear-view camera:

-Steering wheel mounted audio controls:

-Leather-covered electrically adjustable seat:
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The Greatwall Hover H5, known as the Hover ‘Euro Spec’ model has launched on August 26th and is likely to become one of the models that is at the forefront of GWM’s European expansion plan.
For the Chinese market the H5 will come with a choice of three engines, and in three specifications for each. The base model is a 2.0L model priced from 92,800rmb to 112,800rmb and a 2.4L priced from 99,800rmb to 139,800rmb and the flagship 2.5TCI diesel model is priced from 126,800rmb to 158,800rmb.

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micodelija, do you perhaps know why does H5 on upper pictures bear golden logo?
Lightly refreshed H5 (new grille and bumper):

Prices start at 92.800 RMB for H5 powered by Greatwall’s own 2.0 engine with 122hp.
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Are you also considering buying new Hover (or any other GW vehicle) in near future?
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