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Re: Great Wall Hover H5

micodelija said:

here it is, the new H5 live, new interior, new seats, more airbags,new side doors panels

Hi Mico....i hope you have a good travel to're very lucky...thank you for the photos...i can say that H5 expeccially inside a is very very beautiful...GWM has developed very well our Hover.

Yesterday i reach 10000 km with my Hover in only 2 months of life: great comfort, good offroad, ZERO PROBLEMS.
About the press i think that there is quite a 'political war' in which everyone has to deny chinese cars and whatever coming from china.
I'd like to show the wonder in the faces of all the people i meet evey day with my Hover to the press!!
We all know the power of sponsorization that Euopean, American and Japanese Car industry has on press: but our eyes works still better!!


P.s. do you know if H5 will arrive soon in Italy. Thanks a lot
1 - 2 of 353 Posts
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