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Great Wall Haval H5

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here is first photos of new hover which will be presented at auto show in shanghai
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Re: Great Wall Hover H5

to: geralilio

good day sir!

may i know if your are still with the h5 model? just recently acquired haval h5 2014 diesel model. not yet very familiar with the vehicle. i googled h5 and came up to china forum luckily i was able to read your post. iam from cebu and only 2 units of h5 are running around the metro. i am hoping i can ask from you other knowledge about the vehicle sometimes..

thank you
DW Hower H3

The H5-T (Zhizunban) has been relaunched in Russia as H3 under a new brand DW Hower.

Hover has a checkered history in Russia. From 2009-2013, the original Hover H3 and later H5-E were assembled by a local company, Irito, in an old industrial plant in Gzhel near Moscow. During this time, the bodyshells were welded by Derways (another assembler of Chinese cars based in Cherkessk) and sent to Irito's factory for final assembly. Irito also owned the marketing rights to the name "Hover" in Russia.

Irito began construction of a new assembly plant in Lipetsk around 2011. On completion in 2013, assembly of Hover H5 (H5-E) and new H3 (H5-T) were transferred to this new plant. This being a more modern operation, Derways' help was no longer needed and CKD assembly was carried out here. However due to the slowdown of the Russian economy, automobile sales suffered and Hover was badly affected. Sometime in 2015, Irito suspended Hover assembly operations.

Great Wall, meanwhile, had already decided to take certain matters into their own hands. They had begun preliminary work on establishing a new manufacturing plant of their own in the Tula region in 2014, which is expected to be completed in 2018-19. Furthermore, Great Wall had also begun selling imported SUVs (other than H3/H5) badged "Haval" through a separate channel, Haveyl Motors Rus, likely in order to reduce dependence on Irito for Russian sales.

In 2016, Irito began assembling the Changan CS35 at the Lipetsk plant which had been idle.

Separately, last year, Derways (see above) began negotiations with Great Wall to resume production of the H3/H5 in Russia using CKD kits. In January 2017, a new brand name DW Hower was found to be registered in Russia. Early this month the price of the first DW Hower model, H3, was announced. Initially, assembly will take place at Derways' Cherkessk unit, however, production will shift to a new factory in Mikhaylovsk when it is commissioned later this year. The Mikhaylovsk facility is owned by Stavropol Avto, a company connected to the Derways group, and will produce different brands of cars and trucks including Foton and Iveco. Derways cannot use the name "Hover" or "Haval" in Russia to market Great Wall's vehicles.

DW Hower H3:

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DW Hower H3 (Russia)

Production has begun at Stavropol Avto's facility in Mikhaylovsk:

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DW Hower H3 (videos)


DW Hower H5 (Russia)

The Stavropol factory began production of the DW Hower H5* this week:

*2016-model Haval H5 Classic
DW Hower H5 (Russia)

DW Hower H5 goes on sale today. From a showroom:



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Production at Stavropol Avto suspended indefinitely

What a pity! And this was a brand-new factory that opened just about one and a half years ago.

P.S.: Other Chinese car companies that depended on Derways for local assembly are in the soup too:
Haval H5 (Russia)

Haval's own plant in Uzlovaya has begun pilot production of the H5. The H5, now badged as a Haval and once more carrying the "Elite"-type face, returns to Russian manufacture for the second time. The H5 will be the fourth model made at the factory after F7, F7x, and H9.

Recall that the H5 had been produced previously in Russia, over many years, first by Irito under the Great Wall (Hover) brand, then by Stavropol Avto under the DW Hower brand till suspension of production in 2018. Just as in China, diverse variants were presented with different front ends at different times.
im having problem car wont start after installing new hea dgasket had the head skimmed and pressure tested evrything timing the works reset eveb the haval dealership could not dtart the vehicle im so so dissapointed

can anyone help:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
If spark is detected ( arcing ) while the engine is cranking over, and the tips of the spark plugs show wet injected fuel..., check the compression pressure, and the valve timing.
Essentially it narrows down to the required four:
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