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Great Wall in Australia

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Does anyone have any insight into the situation in Australia? They were slated for about this time (middle '09) but there's been no word.

I would say the market has toughed up a lot with the Indian Mahindra starting at only USD$13,000 and even Thailand made Isuzu 4 door 2wd utes starting at only USD$20,000.

The Isuzu is at the upper end with airbags and a general Japanese design with a 3.0 litre turbo diesel motor. The Chinese would be more at the Indian end with no bags and a general 1980s attitude to safety.
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superidler said:
Well, I think Great wall is the new player who does not have any previous history at all. So, they need to prove themselves to the buyer.

I mean if you look at hyundai (as they're still new player compare to other major auto), they provide the longest warranty ( 5 years / unlimited) and all safety features (ESP, 6 airbag), good safety rating (recent model did not get lower than 4 starts and new model got even 5 starts) in Australia. Also not to mention the cheaper price and fuel efficient diesel engine as Japanese omit to offer the diesel (beside Mazda), diesel has been offered by the pricey European auto only.

Above those how many things does GWM offer? Only price. I did not mention the fit& finish, performance and reliability coz it will be judged by people over the some period.
No previous history?

Well Great Wall has sold over 1000 SA220 and V240 models in Australia in the past 4 months, so must be doing something right...............:thumb:
From on 28/10/09.

"New Models - Great Wall X240 Official:

Great Wall X240 now on sale

Pioneer: First utes, and now Great Wall has released its X240 SUV in Australia for $23,990 driveaway.

Australia’s first Chinese passenger car lands in the shape of Great Wall’s X240 SUV

28 October 2009


THE first Chinese automotive brand in Australia opened for business with its V240 and SA220 dual-cab utes locally in July, and now Great Wall Motors’ first passenger vehicle has arrived here in the form of the small X240 off-roader.

Priced from a bargain-basement $23,990 driveaway (including dealer delivery and statutory charges), the first local crossover wagon from Great Wall sets a new price benchmark in Australia’s compact SUV segment.

Despite its super-affordable on-road price, which is effectively lineball with the list price of Suzuki’s three-door 1.3-litre Jimny Sierra ($20,490), the larger five-door X240 comes standard with a host of standard features including leather trim, a powered driver’s seat, air-conditioning and an eight-speaker CD/MP3 sound system.

Available in just one specification with only one option (a sunroof for $1000), the X240 also offers a relatively comprehensive list of standard safety features, including twin front airbags, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), four-wheel disc brakes and rear parking sensors. Electronic stability control (ESC) is not available.

Power steering, power windows, central locking and 17-inch alloy wheels with 235/65-section tyres are also standard on the X240, which will be available in white, black, silver and red exterior paint colours.

The full-chassis X240 is based on Toyota 4Runner chassis and will be one of the few compact SUVs to offer a dual-range four-wheel drive system, which can be switched from the dashboard between high and low range on the fly.

Available now through Great Wall’s national dealer network, which is expected to comprise 60 dealers in every Australian state and territory before year’s end, the five-seat X240 will be backed by the Chinese brand’s three-year/100,000 new-vehicle warranty and 24-hour/seven-day roadside assistance program.

As we have previously reported, the X240 is powered by a fuel-injected 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 100kW at 5250rpm and 200Nm of peak torque between 2500 and 3000rpm.

Similar to the 2378cc Mitsubishi-sourced engine that powers the V240 ute, the X240’s 4G69S4N engine will be available exclusively with a five-speed manual transmission.

As we revealed two weeks ago, the X240 rides on a 2700mm wheelbase and is 4620mm long, putting it between Subaru’s top-selling Forester and the Nissan X-Trail.

New official figures reveal the X240 returns average ADR 81/02 combined fuel consumption of 10.4L/100km, a 160km/h top speed and claimed 0-100km/h acceleration in “less than 20 seconds”.

The importer and distributor of Great Wall vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, Ateco Automotive, says the lack of an automatic transmission will be the biggest limiting factor when it comes to the X240’s popularity, but declines to nominate specific sales targets.

“We’re taking a fairly modest outlook on the sales potential of the X240 because it is manual-only,” said Ateco managing director Ric Hull, who added that the brand’s first passenger model continued the sharp pricing and high specification policy adopted by Great Wall’s utes.

Despite scoring just two stars out of five from independent crash test body ANCAP last month, Ateco has sold 762 Great Wall utilities in the three months since their July release. The result includes 348 V240 4x4s, 254 V240 4x2s and 160 SA220s, and is above Ateco’s forecast of 250 total utes sales a month.

While the SA220 is aggressively priced from under $20,000, the X240 4WD’s pricetag similarly undercuts the list prices of entry-level two-wheel drive versions of more established rivals by at least $1000.

They include Hyundai’s aged Tucson 2WD ($25,490), and the Nissan Dualis 2WD and Kia Sportage 2WD, which are also powered by 2.0-litre petrol engines and priced at $24,990. Korean brand SsangYong offers its diesel-powered Actyon A200 from $26,990 plus on-road costs.

While most compact Japanese SUVs are priced from well above $30,000, many also come standard with a full complement of airbags and potentially life-saving ESC technology.

“It’s a good price but we think it has to be,” said Mr Hull. “We have always known we’d have to be under those very good competitors in the class.”

Mr Hull said that while Ateco’s other Chinese vehicle partner, Chery, was yet to submit its Australian Design Rule paperwork for federal government approval, Great Wall had cancelled plans to release the light-sized passenger car known in China as the Florid in Australia this year.

Instead, he said Great Wall had decided to make available a newer 1.5-litre light-sized sedan by the middle of 2010, while a diesel engine remained on schedule for the Great Wall utes by late next year.

Great Wall X240 pricing:
X240 $23,990 "
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Interesting. I wonder if this sedan will be Australia/NZ only.
it's an SUV
and it's available in many countries, but the name is usually - Hover H3
Instead, he said Great Wall had decided to make available a newer 1.5-litre light-sized sedan by the middle of 2010, while a diesel engine remained on schedule for the Great Wall utes by late next year.
This is what I meant:
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Great Wall Motors (Australia) have dropped the price of the SA220 (Sailor) from A$19,990 to A$18,990, although prices of the V240 (Wingle) and X240 (Hover) remain the same.

Price drop therefore is probably more related to need to move 2009 SA220stock prior to 2010, than to the every increasing value of the A$ to the US$.
i think that gwm offer to them better prices because they sold many units, also this is old models which are going out of production, so i am sure that gwm now want to sell those models best as they can
From 05/11/2009.

VFACTS Sales 2009 October.

"Great Wall sold another 240 examples of its dual-cab utes plus 18 of its new X240 compact SUV, to pass the 1000 sales marque for Australia’s first Chinese vehicle brand."

By my calculations that's 1002 SA220/V240 (Sailor/Wingle) sales in the 4 months to 31 October, plus 18 X240's (Hover) in the 4 sale days of October (28-31).

A total sales of 1020 vehicles in 4 months with considerable monthly growth to be expected with the X240.

November 2009 sales figure cannot be too far away, it will be interesting to see the full month sales figures of the X240.
From 30/11/2009.

"China’s Great Wall to expand ute line up

Diesel, single-cab and safety improvements promised for Great Wall’s V240 ute

30 November 2009


AUSTRALIA’S first Chinese brand is set to significantly broaden its attack on the one-tonne ute market next year with a diesel engine and single-cab variant.

Great Wall Motors will release a facelifted version of its V240 crew cab ute in the first quarter of next year and will take the opportunity to expand the line-up to attract new buyer types.

The diesel engine will be made available in the second half of the year and is tipped to significantly boost sales of the ute, which is already selling better than expected.

New single-cab and cab-chassis variants should give Great Wall better access to the workhorse market. Currently, the V240 is only available as a crew cab.

The company’s Australian distributor, Ateco Automotive, said the facelifted V240 model had also been developed with the aim of improving the vehicle’s crash worthiness.

GoAuto understands Great Wall is making a range of structural changes to improve the safety of the V240 ute after it scored just two stars when by the ANCAP crash test safety body in September.

“Great Wall is following through and seeking to improve its ANCAP rating,” said Ateco spokesman Daniel Cotterill.

“They are working very hard to make the vehicle perform better in that regard.”

The ute upgrade is expected to include pre-tensioning seatbelts – a feature that tightens the belts in the event of a crash – but no further safety features.

The V240 already has ABS and dual front airbags.

Electronic stability control will not be introduced at the time of the facelift. Great Wall Motors has said it plans to introduce ESC on its vehicles before it becomes mandatory on all new cars from January 1, 2011. Great Wall’s other ute, the SA220 crew cab, also scored just two stars in the September ANCAP test.

Older than the V240, it is subsequently cheaper. It is not available with anti-skid brakes or a driver or passenger airbag and there are no plans to offer more safety gear or improve its crash performance.

The current SA220 and V240 are both only available with petrol engines. The SA220 features an older Chinese 2.2-litre petrol four-cylinder with just 78kW and 190Nm, while the V240 runs a more modern Mitsubishi-sourced 2.4-litre petrol unit with 100kW and 200Nm.

The addition of the diesel should make the V240 a more attractive vehicle for customers wishing to carry or tow heavy loads.

Ateco is yet to confirm the details of the diesel engine that will be offered with the V-series ute.

Options include a Bosch-developed 2.8-litre and 2.0-litre diesels which was shown at the 2008 Beijing motor show.

Great Wall Motors sales stand at 1020 to the end of October, according to VFACTS.

The V240 is a clear top seller with 801 sales, with 439 of those 4x4 variants. Great Wall has sold 201 SA220s and 18 of its just-introduced X240 model.

While Ateco has just launched the X240 SUV, the plans for other passenger models are unclear.

The Florid small hatch originally was planned for launch this year, but that was delayed.

Ateco now says that it will launch a Great Wall small car in the second half of next year, but it will not say if this is the Florid hatch or another vehicle.

Great Wall last week achieved European Whole of Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) from the UK based Vehicle Certification Agency for four vehicles, including the V240 ute, X240 SUV, Florid hatch and the Coolbear tallboy hatch that looks like a Toyota-made Scion xB.

Ateco has not ruled out bringing the striking Coolbear to Australia, but said it was unlikely in the short term.

The distribution company, which imports a wide range of brands from Citroen to Ferrari, is still committed to introducing a second Chinese brand, Chery, to Australia, despite a delay.

Chery was supposed to be introduced to Australia early this year, but is yet to arrive, and Ateco is yet to lock in a launch date.

“We are currently in discussions,” said Mr Cotterill.

He said it was likely a Chery vehicle would go on sale at some stage during 2010, but he would would not be drawn on a possible launch date or which models would be first into showrooms.

The original Chery launch plan involved two small cars, the A1 hatch and A5 sedan, as well as the Tiggo3 compact SUV, but the A5 is now an unlikely starter.
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Went to Great Wall Adelaide City and took some pictures for all of you.

Happy New Year to all !!!

V240 with Nudge Bar

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I am really enjoying my Great Wall V240, think I was the first to get a Bullbar for it here even maybe. Just waiting a week or so for them to finish painting the canopy and I'll post some pics of it.

here is a bull bar on my hover

and this is a real front bumper which i want to put:thumb:
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Thats a very nice lookingfront bumper/bull bar Micodelija, makes the Hover/X240 look like a real off-roader now. I like it alot.
Don't like Cherry but Great Wall is another story
It can prove difficult to find accessories for these in Australia, no-one seems to know for sure what to put in it for a suspension lift and no-one has any idea of what kind of diff locks could be fitted if any.

Another bad issue I've noticed is if you stall/stop the engine while in a 4wd mode and restart the engine the truck is started in 2wd and not still in 4wd. Could be a big issue if on a steep hill. Other than that I've been enjoying my V240 alot.
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