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Great Wall to launch three brands

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Greatwall are planning to launch their new three brands towards the end of the year according to media reports, the company will also return to the stock market after a brief respite in June at the earliest.

Greatwall Motors (GWM) are planning to split their current line up into three distinct product lines that will carry seperate logos, (left) the Hover logo has scene small changes with the Great Wall being slightly more bent, but the pick up brand and also the passenger car brand are new introductions. The pick up brand is likely to be a continuation of the Wingle brand, and the sedan brand will continue to use the Voleex name, the SUV brand will of course be Hover, or now Haval as GWM lost the rights to this name in some markets.

Greatwall are also planning to launch the Voleex C50 later this year with their own self developed 1.5T engine, the C50 and its new engine had their first official airing at the Shanghai Auto Show last month. Furthermore, Greatwall are also developing AO and A class cars, as well as pure electric vehicles, one particular EV is expected to hit the production line in August and be on limited sale shortly afterwards.

source: CCT
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This was something I was expecting for a long ago, as Haval (Hover), Wingle and Voleex names were appearing for some time. Guess by now only big Chinese automaker which haven't divided their products in a collection of sub-brands is BYD.
I feel that this works against their great name and original emblem. Maybe this is a good move but I hope an expert can explain what this means.
i don't like this idea...i think they are too young brand to replace logo so many times, firstly they should make great wall global famous brand, and then step by step to split models and other
is there any indication if they will be using this worldwide? or are they going to test it first in the Chinese Market?

oh, and is the Wingle logo a head of a horse? Makes sense if they're switching to Steed instead of the name Wingle.
An american marketing advisor is telling GWM, that product positioning is the key to prevail on time. It took many years to start being mentioned GWM as a future quality world wide brand, and imagine start this fact with a new name and new logo.
In the Australian context, this may be a mistake. Great Wall has just established a name for the V240 (Wingle) and X240 (Hover) in the pickup and SUV categories and was building on that Great Wall name for passenger car release later this year.

Having said that, the local importer (Ateco) did use the unique to Australian and New Zealand designations V240, X240 (and for the Sailor, SA220) to suit local market expectations so perhaps despite international rebranding, we could well keep 'Great Wall'.

It's hard to understand the rationale, when success stories like Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Hyundai have kept the same brand name across cars/pickups/SUV's.
I couldn't see Wingle or Sailor playing well out in the bush, well maybe Sailor. It can get a bit lonely out there.
I agree, bad move. Keep it simply Great Wall. At least for another 3 or 4 years, eh, depending on how sales go?
Great Wall Motor Drops Voleex Brand and Plans New Logo for Its Haval SUVs

Great Wall Motor (GWM) has decided to scrap the Voleex brand, a marque launched only two years ago for its non-SUV passenger cars (sedans, hatchbacks, and MPVs). In a recent interview, Wang Fengying, General Manager of GWM, told reporters that as "Voleex" failed to gain sufficient recognition in GWM’s overseas markets, it was dropped in favor of simply "Great Wall" in naming GWM cars. The Haval and Wingle brands, on other other hand, are retained for GWM’s SUV and pickup-truck lineups, respectively.

In the past year, spyshots have emerged of the new logos of the three GWM divisions: Voleex, Haval, and Wingle, which are distinct from the current "Great Wall" logo. They clearly indicate the company has been attempting to revamp its visual identity.

Ms. Wang also said that GWM was preparing to launch–probably in the second half of 2012–a new, distinct logo for the Haval models and set up separate dealership network to sell them in China. Compared with Voleex, Haval has a longer history and much bigger reputation.

In recent years, GWM and other native automakers have commonly changed their brands or logos and launched new ones, anxious to find a proper place in the fast growing industry. GWM, BYD, Geely, BAIC, and Changan, to name a few, have adopted new corporate logos (the current Great Wall logo was unveiled in 2007), while a group of child-brands have been launched.
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Great Wall consultants aim the failure of some traditional auto manufacturers to the lack of focus.
It is very hard to believe that one reason only is the cause for Gigantic failures of those traditional auto manufacturers. Real reasons are a usually many and also situations at a very specific time.
Leaving Great Wall as a brand, and having Haval & Wingle as the models name, does not seem unfocusing.
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