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Great Wall Voleex C30

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From China Car Times
Greatwall have jumped into the hatchback game feet first once they realized that SUV and Truck sales were about to fall through the floor. Their first model was the Great Wall Peri, which they followed up with the Greatwall Florid, the Coolbear and the soon to be unknown hatch.

Their first concept sedan was shown at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year where it surprised crowds with its funky looks, which appeared to be a mixture of sporty and formal, an unusual mix that worked just right for the usually bland designing automaker.

A leaked early version of a forthcoming Greatwall mini sedan has been leaked to the internet and early opinions are not good. The mini sedan seems to resemble the unknown hatchback mentioned earlier, with a notchback trunk attached to the rear. The sedan seems to have E-Class like folds in the door (although, every car has them now) and a Lifan 520 front end. It’s not clear where Great Wall are going with this one, perhaps its just best to bring out the sports concept sedan instead?
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Re: Great Wall sedan

I also forgot to add: Can anyone who has the ability to post pictures from China Car times please do so. Also, does anyone think that they might export it. It would really give the range a boost in terms of cheap, good looking and decent quality sedans.
Re: Great Wall sedan

I like it. It's kind of original with cues from the Corolla sedan in my view. Thanks for the help martin. What do you think about it?
Re: Great Wall sedan

New article from China Car Times:
Great Wall Motors had their first foray into the hatchback segment two years ago, and have had reasonable success with their mini car range, but their next big thing is their first sedan.

Information on their first sedan is not clear, however it is certain that it wont be the CHC011 sedan that we saw at last years Shanghai Auto Show, instead it is likely to be a notchback sedan version of one of their existing sedans. The 1.5T powered sedan is expected to launch next year, and the CHC011 is expected in 2012 with GWM’s own 3.0l V6 engine powering the wheels.
Re: Great Wall sedan

Looks promising. I'd have to say, it looks a lot better than the original concept pics posted earlier.
My guess it it will be exported with the rest of the range.
Re: Great Wall sedan

New GWM sedan renderings
From China Car Times:
Greatwall’s first concept sedan was a real wowser at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year, however it seems that one has been shelved in favour of another, smaller sedan which is more than likely to capture the peoples attention with a smaller displacement engine.

The sedan, codenamed CH041, is expected to go into production towards the middle of 2010. Greatwall are expected to put a fair amount of engineering into the CH041 with it being a standard FWD car, but with a 1.5L engine and the choice of a 5 speed manual or CVT gearbox, and with the engine being upto Euro5 emission and being built to Euro NCAP specification, although that might be rather out of date by the time the sedan hits the production lines.

With regards to the price, we’re still not sure, it could be in the 70,000rmb price bracket where it could easily strike against the Brilliance FRV sedan. The front grill and rear end are certainly designs that are more suited to an Acura, Infiniti or other high end premium brand. The CH041 is likely to be a hit, if GWM can bring quality up, then they will no doubt sell quite a few of these.
I'll make the usual request for pictures. Can someone please post them?
Re: Great Wall sedan

Thanks martin. I still don't know why I can't post pics from China Car Times.
Re: Great Wall sedan

Great Wall Sedan to be sold in Australia and New Zealand instead of Florid hatchback

Exerpt from article on release of X240:
Mr Hull said that while Ateco’s other Chinese vehicle partner, Chery, was yet to submit its Australian Design Rule paperwork for federal government approval, Great Wall had cancelled plans to release the light-sized passenger car known in China as the Florid in Australia this year.
Instead, he said Great Wall had decided to make available a newer 1.5-litre light-sized sedan by the middle of 2010.
Re: Great Wall sedan

That's great news micodelija. I'll be looking forward to next year then.
Re: Great Wall sedan

Hehe. I can't wait! When is this expected to be launched?
I am particularly excited because this sedan will be Great Wall's first car in Australia and New Zealand. They were originally going to bring the Peri before they changed it to the Florid and now they will bring the C30 down here. It'll probably come under competition from either the Geely MK sedan which is already selling in New Zealand officially and the EC718 which will come later on.

Interesting times are ahead.
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