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Great Wall Voleex C30

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From China Car Times
Greatwall have jumped into the hatchback game feet first once they realized that SUV and Truck sales were about to fall through the floor. Their first model was the Great Wall Peri, which they followed up with the Greatwall Florid, the Coolbear and the soon to be unknown hatch.

Their first concept sedan was shown at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year where it surprised crowds with its funky looks, which appeared to be a mixture of sporty and formal, an unusual mix that worked just right for the usually bland designing automaker.

A leaked early version of a forthcoming Greatwall mini sedan has been leaked to the internet and early opinions are not good. The mini sedan seems to resemble the unknown hatchback mentioned earlier, with a notchback trunk attached to the rear. The sedan seems to have E-Class like folds in the door (although, every car has them now) and a Lifan 520 front end. It’s not clear where Great Wall are going with this one, perhaps its just best to bring out the sports concept sedan instead?
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Re: Great Wall sedan

nice.... nice.... nice.... go GWM! the last one, in my opinion, kinda combines elements from BMW and mercedes benz... BWM 6-series butt, MB E-class tail lights, BMW 3-series headlights...

although, it's a bit too early to tell since these pics are small and low res...

but these are nice pictures nonetheless... thanks analyst!
Re: Great Wall C30 sedan (CH041)

Official photos:


Looks impressive for a Great Wall! Not a 100% copy this time.
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Re: Great Wall C30 sedan (CH041)

anyone know what it ncaps/cncaps at?

although this is rumoured to hit australia soon i think it'll be a hard sell given you can get a Toyota Yaris for about $16k...
Re: Great Wall C30 sedan (CH041)

I don't think there has been any crash tests made on this thing, since it's not even in production yet.

They really need to work on that center console, the cheap plastic is not impressing anyone.
Re: Great Wall C30 sedan (CH041)

And the Phenom steering wheel which is copied from the Toyota Yaris needs to be replaced.
Re: Great Wall C30 sedan (CH041)

The Great Wall C30 design looks solid. Chinese cars are moving along rapidly.
Greatwall Voleex C30 Priced

The Greatwall Voleex C30 comes in four levels: ’standard’ for 58.900 rmb, ‘comfort’ for 62.900, ‘luxury’ for 65.900 and ‘elite’ for 71.900 rmb. One engine for all (for now): 1.5 litre with 77kw and 138nm. Greatwall expects the hardest competition from the Buick Excelle and Hyundai Elantra. Size: 4452×1705x1480, wheelbase is 2610.

‘Voleex’ is Greatwall’s new brand name for sedans but will only be used outside China, in Chinese all Voleexes are called ‘Tengyi’.

i think that gwm put really good price for such attractive model, after all you got quite bit car for such price with lot of serial equipment :thumb:
I'm looking forward for Great Wall's sedan.

They're growing quietly but steadily...

I think they may become internationaly big within 10 years.
WOW............71,900 for the elite model? :eek: :thumb: I assume the elite comes with AT and the GPS/DVD screen? If so, then the C30 has just become one of the BEST BARGAINS in China - hands down. If you want a AT version of the FSV...........10,000rmb more, and the FSV has NO DVD option. The YingLang? Not even close in price, and the BASE model of the Elantra is still at least 10,000rmb more than the elite version of the C30! The C30 is actually in a position to take sales away from the F3 - which is one of the top selling cars in China right now. If the C30 can hold up when is comes to durability and dependability, watch out - Great Wall won't be able to keep up with demand. GREAT JOB Great Wall..............I am truly impressed!!!
I am particularly excited because this sedan will be Great Wall's first car in Australia and New Zealand. They were originally going to bring the Peri before they changed it to the Florid and now they will bring the C30 down here. It'll probably come under competition from either the Geely MK sedan which is already selling in New Zealand officially and the EC718 which will come later on.

Interesting times are ahead.
Re: Great Wall sedan

Some Photos Voleex C30 in Lima, Perú, South America


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Re: Great Wall sedan

It seems like they'll have quite a few sedan concepts in the Autoshow:

whatever happened to the CHB011 concept? it would have been a good looking car, albeit a little like a bmw
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