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Great Wall Voleex C30

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From China Car Times
Greatwall have jumped into the hatchback game feet first once they realized that SUV and Truck sales were about to fall through the floor. Their first model was the Great Wall Peri, which they followed up with the Greatwall Florid, the Coolbear and the soon to be unknown hatch.

Their first concept sedan was shown at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year where it surprised crowds with its funky looks, which appeared to be a mixture of sporty and formal, an unusual mix that worked just right for the usually bland designing automaker.

A leaked early version of a forthcoming Greatwall mini sedan has been leaked to the internet and early opinions are not good. The mini sedan seems to resemble the unknown hatchback mentioned earlier, with a notchback trunk attached to the rear. The sedan seems to have E-Class like folds in the door (although, every car has them now) and a Lifan 520 front end. It’s not clear where Great Wall are going with this one, perhaps its just best to bring out the sports concept sedan instead?
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although the changes are minor, the the 2012 C30 looks better and more mature :D

also, less bright colors in the dash means less distraction for the driver :D

by the way, is there a new transmission supplier? Ricardo perhaps? the shifter looks different.
I have not notice the difference. Could you point out for me ? Is there a difference on the body ?
Headlights now have amber corner lights. Most of the changes that I've noticed are with the interior
Great Wall Motor releases 2013 C30 sedan in October 10th, which has the same lineup as the 2012 model. Prices for the seven 1.5L models, with a MT or CVT, remain unchanged, ranging between 64,500-83,500 Yuan.

Upgrades are limited and largely non-consequential (except perhaps the addition of daytime running lights). On the outside, one will notice that the front grille now comprises two chrome bars instead of three, wheels are changed to a five-spoke design, and the front lighting system now features daytime running lights to improve safety.

Interior modifications are more noticeable, as the instrument panel and dashboard underwent a few major cosmetic alterations to increase aesthetic appeal. One functional improvement comes to the ignition keyhole, which now gets illuminated.

Optimization is reported done regarding the model’s NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) to make the drive quieter and smoother.

The C30 (formerly Voleex C30–GWM has recently dropped the Voleex marque) is one of the most popular sedans from China’s native automakers. 85,553 units of it were sold in the first eight months of this year.
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Why is the tachometer more prominent than the speedo?
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