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Five Chinese manufacturer's are scheduled to display their products at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. SUV makers Changfeng and Zhongxing will be there, along with Geely and BYD. Even newcomer Li Shi Ming Guang Auto Design company, with no more than a little eggshell lookalike EV, will be there. As for Gonow, it's realistic enough to know that it's no where near ready to go up against the big guys.

But what about Great Wall Auto? Why has this bright star of the Chinese 4X4 market, chosen not to exhibit its vehicles in Detroit?.

It's a bit puzzling to me. Perhaps Great Wall wishes to make all its mistakes elsewhere before making a plunge into The Premium Market. Or perhaps it's intimidated by the fierce 4X4 competition with oil nearing $100 a barrel. Or maybe its that perfect power-to-weight ratio that it's aspiring to. Then again it may want to wait until it gets the (controversial) passenger cars up and running before taking the big step.

Any ideas Micodelija?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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