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Guangzhou Bus (GAAC), Guilin-Daewoo, Quick Bus, Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile

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According to Chinese government statistics there were 13 producers of large buses and 17 producers of medium sized buses and coaches in China in 1999. Annual production of large vehicles is around 6,000 to 7,000. The number of medium-sized vehicles seems to fluctuate a lot; in 1998 some 15,000 were sold, in 1999 around 25,000. Import of complete vehicles is negligible, a few hundred per year. Shanghai Bus Manufacturing Co. and Changzhou Changjiang Bus Group are the leading two companies in the large bus market.
Bus production in China started in the 1950's and was centrally controlled. There were few models and all were rather basic. Over the last 10 to 15 years the 30 or so factories under the 3 administrative groups have gained more independence and developed their own vehicles, using their own brand names. This creates rather complicated relationship. For example, Taihu Bus is a brand name of the Wuxi Automobile Factory of the China FAW Group Corporation. FAW is First Automobile Works, the umbrella company that started in the 1950's. Because of these complex relationships, there are probably more brand names than the 30 suggested by the number of official factories.
Another group of companies is evolving out of military factories, many of which are turning to civil production and introducing brand names. Some examples are given under the Guizhou chapter. One can also see buses produced by the military factories for their own use or for special purposes. One such bus, used as a blood donation vehicle, is shown here. It was produced by the Qingdao 4406 Factory. These numbered factories were set up by the military, mostly in the 1960's and 1970's. As their production was secret, almost nothing is known about them.
Mentioned in the first China update were the joint ventures between foreign companies and Chinese factories. These joint ventures have added a number of bus factories to the list. Volvo for example entered into an agreement with aircraft manufacturer Xi'an Silver which now produces Volvo buses in China.
Guangzhou Bus
This company mainly builds city buses, many of which are used in its home town Guangzhou, or Canton as it is still known by many people outside China. The city is not far north of Hong Kong and is the capital of Guangdong Province. Guangzhou Bus was one of the major bus factories in China since the 1950's and for years produced the typical Chinese basic city bus. But the company also was on the forefront of innovation when it came to the introduction of all steel buses, one-man-operated buses, trolley buses and double deckers. Already during the 1980's Guangzhou Bus built quite acceptable bus designs. It seems that the company suffered from heavy competition during the 1990's and unlike other bus builders had difficulties making the transition to really modern buses such as low-floor designs. While still being number 5 in numbers produced in China, it faced financial problems. In 2000 it entered into a joint venture with Isuzu from Japan, establishing Guangzhou Isuzu Bus Co Ltd in part of the factory. Production of the Isuzu Gala coach, the Gala Mio mid-sized coach and the LT city bus started here in 2000.
During the mid 1990's many second hand vehicles were imported into Guangzhou, among others ex Hong Kong and Berlin double deckers and ex Pittsburgh Neoplans. Those were however quickly replaced by large fleets of Chinese buses built by, among others, Guangzhou Bus and Eagle. The main bus companies in Guangzhou are the "Guangzhou Number 1 Bus Company", the "Guangzhou Number 2 Bus Company", the "Guangzhou Number 3 Bus Company" and the "Guangzhou Trolleybus Company". Recently more companies have been added, some of which have more prosaic names such as the "Guang Zhou Jockey Club Company Ltd". In other cities, such as Senzhen and Zhuhai, one can also find many Guangzhou Bus buses.
Guyiang City and the Guizhou Bus Factory
Another important regional bus factory is the Guizhou Bus Factory, located in the city of Guyiang, capital of Guizhou Province in South-Western China. Guiyang city is a regional transportation center, with railways, road and air transport all being important. The history of Guiyang goes back some 600 years. During the Ming Dynasty it was the only entrance to the other provinces in southwest China.
Guizhou province had a large number of military factories since the 1960s. But after the reforms in China, the opening up of the country to foreign influence and trade, and also with the end of the cold war, most of the military factories turned to civil production. Products include car equipment, electronics, aircraft parts and automobiles. Most of the car factories are based on the military and aerospace technology industrial groups. Often these factories reach an agreement with a foreign company for the transfer of technology. An example of such a product is the Yunque, a small car using technology of Subaru in Japan. The most famous bus brand is Yunma. This factory, based in the third largest city of Guizhou Province, Ansun, used to produce fighter planes. There are several bus industries in the city of Guiyang: Guizhou Bus Factory, Wanda, Xingqian, and Zhucheng. The products include minibuses, city buses, express buses and the tourist buses. The Guizhou Bus Factory builds mainly city buses and staff buses.
As a contrast to Guangzhou Bus and the Guizhou Bus Factory, Guilin-Daewoo was chosen as the third company for this chapter. Guilin-Daewoo is a joint venture between Guilin from China and Daewoo from South Korea. Daewoo provides technology and parts. The modern coaches are imported complete from Korea, but other buses and coaches are built up in China. Two models are prominently present, the long distance coach and the double-deck sleeper coach. The latter is a typical Chinese vehicle with two layers of metal berths on both sides of the bus on which people can lay down and sleep.
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some pics of chines buses

About Yunma

Guizhou Guihang Yunma Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. is a located in Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China. The product range includes detachable body garbage truck, city bus, garbage compactor truck, bus, skip loader truck, dump garbage truck, docking garbage compactor truck, hybrid city bus, electric city bus, sewage suction truck, sprinkler machine (water tank truck), street sweeper truck, electric cargo van, box van truck, garbage truck, etc. The brand is Yunma
Guizhou Yunma Aircraft Manufacturing Factory is a machinery manufacturer located in Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China. The product range includes garbage compactor truck, bus, city bus, detachable body garbage truck, dump garbage truck, sprinkler machine (water tank truck), skip loader truck, street sweeper truck, sewage suction truck, side-loading garbage compactor truck, docking garbage compactor truck, street sprinkler truck, hybrid city bus, suction truck, garbage truck, etc.
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Isuzu seeks to quit Guangzhou joint venture.

February 14, 2008 – Isuzu Motors Ltd, Japan's biggest maker of trucks and buses, plans to withdraw from its Chinese joint venture company Guangzhou Isuzu Bus Co. Ltd, Shanghai Securities News reported yesterday.

Talks between Isuzu and Guangzhou Auto over their bus-making joint venture company are nearing completion and a final deal is expected to be reached by the end of March, the report said.

The divorce comes after an eight-year-long unsuccessful partnership. Insiders say both Quangzhou Auto and Isuzu want to quit the joint venture program in order to restructure their business operations.

By quitting the Guangzhou project, Isuzu wants to restructure its operations in China with more focus on the Chongqing-based Qingling Auto. While Guangzhou Auto plans to restructure its commercial vehicle truck-making business by starting a joint venture project with Hino last December.

The USD $200 million joint venture between Guangzhou Auto and Hino has won Chinese authorities approval to produce commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses, earlier this year. Hino and Guangzhou Auto will each hold 50 percent stakes of the joint venture.

The Guangzhou Isuzu Bus Co was formed in March 2000 with Isuzu holds a 49% stake and Guangzhou Auto a 51 percent stake. The joint venture was designed to produce Isuzu's large-sized buses including the Gala, E-, S- and V- series.

The joint venture facility has a designed annual capacity of 800 buses and 400 chassis. However, the joint venture facility produces less than 200 buses a year, according to statistics provided by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.
Presentation of Guilin-Daewoo

GUILIN DAEWOO BUS CO., LTD., established in 1994, is a joint venture between Guilin Bus Industrial Group (China) and Daewoo Bus Corporation (Korea). It is a key bus manufacturer of the Ministry of Transportation of China.
Located in Guilin city-a world famous tourist city and boasts the most beautiful scenery under Heaven,south China , the company covers an area of 140,000 square meters with more than 1000 employees. The main products include mid/high class of large, mid and light passenger coaches, city buses and luxury tourist coaches, with annual productivity of more than 5000 units.
Since its establishment, advanced technology and management from Korea Daewoo Bus Corporation have been introduced into Guilin Daewoo. More than 50% of the technicians have been send to study overseas. The company also has good co-operations with many universities and other institutions. With constantly innovation, the company has developed more than 100 bus models. Sales have been in the first rank in China’s bus industry. Today, high speed luxury coaches made by Guilin Daewoo are running in every highway in mainland China.
DAEWOO BUS has built up prestigious reputation around the world for its good quality.
Guilin Daewoo gained, leading the industry, the ISO9001:2000 certification in February 2002 and the CCC (China Compulsory product Certification) certification issued by China Quality Certification Centre in May 2003. We have been enjoyed the most satisfied brand in China’s coach &bus market for its good quality and service.

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Guangzhou Bus

Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group's bus company was formally established on September 17th, 2008 signifying the Chinese major automaker completed reshuffling of its commercial vehicle branches.

The newly established Guangzhou Bus Co Ltd is the integration of Guangzhou Yuelong Bus Co Ltd and Guangzhou Denway Bus Co Ltd. "Guangzhou Bus will mainly produce its own brand of coaches, and the production value is expected to reach 300 million yuan ($43.8 million) this year," says Deng Tao, general manager of Guangzhou Bus.

When Isuzu withdrew from Guangzhou Isuzu Bus Co Ltd, a venture with Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group, at the beginning of this year, Guangzhou Auto integrated its 51 percent assets in Guangzhou Isuzu to the newly established Guangzhou Yuelong Bus Co Ltd.

Meanwhile, Guangzhou Denway Bus Co Ltd is a 50-50 partnership between Hong Kong China Lounge Investments and Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group. Guangzhou Denway Bus has captured 80 percent of the niche market in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province.

All previous Denway-, Yangcheng- and Isuzu-branded buses will be integrated into the Guangzhou Bus brand, and the new company's production line will cover 6-meter to 12-meter long city buses and highway coaches, with passenger capacity ranging from 16 to 55 people.

At the end of last year, Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group reorganized Guangzhou Yangcheng Automobile Co Ltd and Shenyang Hino Automobile Manufacturing Co Ltd by forming Guangqi Hino Motors Co Ltd, which produces heavy trucks, towing vehicles, and diesel engines for commercial vehicles.

Guangqi Hino's new factory in Guangzhou will also begin production in 2009, with an annual capacity of 20,000 heavy trucks.

Presentation of the company.
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. Bus (GAAC) was established in 2008 to promote the development of China's automobile industry, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC) combined its two major bus manufacturing enterprises (formerly Guangzhou Isuzu Bus Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Denway Bus Co., Ltd) into its own-brand bus production enterprises, the annual production capacity of large and medium-sized bus reaches 5000.
As the industry representatives in South China area, GAC has more than 50 years of bus production experience, and learned the essence of technology from Isuzu, built up excellent over all bus CAD system and advanced quality assurance testing line, with the modern Bus production base, GAAC take the advantage place both on China and abroad.

The company mainly produces large、medium、light sized series bus and luxurious high class bus with complete ISUZU technology. With high, medium and general grades buses, they are suitable for organization use, public bus and long distance traveling. And we particularly take a leading role in producing environmental protective public buses and enjoy a high reputation in China. With an advanced self-developing technology of China, our products are popular in Guangdong、Shanghai、Jiangsu、Zhejiang、Liaoning、Shanxi and the other provinces in China and have been sold to Vietnam、Philippine、Middle East、Russia、Africa and South America. At the same time, the company is equipped with technically advanced before sales, sales and after sales team and have set up after-sales service network in main cities nationwide to provide perfect, fast and convenient service to the customers.

Medium and Light Bus Series - GZ6750:

Larger Party Bus Series - GZ6950:

Larger City Bus Series - GZ6105SV (LPG):

Special Bus Series - hybrid power bus

About Guangzhou Denway:
Guangzhou Denway Bus Co., Ltd. is a bus manufacturer located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. The product range includes bus, city bus, luxury coach bus, luxury tourist coach bus, engineering works vehicle, garbage compactor truck, medical vehicle, physical medical examination vehicle, sleeper bus, tourist bus, garbage truck, waste truck, medical examination vehicle, special purpose vehicle, police vehicle, etc. The brand is Junwei
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Guangzhou Isuzu Bus Co., Ltd. was a bus manufacturer located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. The product range included luxury coach bus, bus, sleeper bus, business bus, physical medical examination vehicle, car, medical vehicle, medical examination vehicle, special purpose vehicle. The brand is Isuzu.

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Quick Bus Co., Ltd

Quick Bus Co., Ltd (Quick Bus) headquartered in Guilin city—a famous tourism city around the world by “East or west, Guilin scenery is best”. The traffic from the factory to entrance of G72 national express is only 10 minutes and 20 minutes to Guilin international airport which enhance fast response to customers request than any others.

Quick Bus coach and bus body style influenced by the unique magnificent and beautiful mountain and mellow water in Guilin area, distinctive elements of style can be easily found from the bus and coach.

Quick Bus built a brand new production base which covers 200,000 square meters and under roof area covers 61,000 square meters, including welding, painting, assembly, inspection as well as key components workshops, total investment is 200 million RMB in Suqiao Industry Park. The yearly production capacity of the new base is 8,2. 000 units vehicle and chassis of various models consist of 6-11 meter coach, 6-12 meter city bus, 8-12 meter new energy bus and coach, 6-9 meter school bus.

Quick Bus certified by Chinese government agencies to R&D vehicles and chassis, yearly sales ranks 11 in Chinese domestic market for last 3 years. By the end of 2011, total asset of Quick Bus is 1.32 billion RMB, employees 1350 in which more than 300 are engineers and technicians.

Quick Bus authorized by Chinese national agency ISO 9001 and CCC certificates in 2010, the company is now undergoing TS16949 certificate which is pioneered in bus industry in China.

Apart from Quick Bus headquarter production base, 3 other joint-ventures are located in Shanghai or Guilin:

1. Shanghai Wanxiang Automobile Co., Ltd

Wanxiang originated from a bus factory under Shanghai government agency in 1985 and re-organized in 1999 as a limited company. Quick Bus and Guilin Daewoo set up a joint venture
on basis of 50%--50% in 2008.

Wanxiang covers 80,000 square meters land and under roof area is 30,000 square meters. The production capacity is 3000 units per year including welding, painting, assembly and checking and inspection line.

In 2010 Shanghai EXPO, Wanxiang provided more than 1,000 units buses to serve Shanghai EXPO to ensure local public mass transportation safe, timely and just in time.

2. Guilin Daewoo Bus Co., Ltd

Guilin Daewoo Bus Co., Ltd., established in 1994, is a joint venture between Guilin Quick bus Co.,Ltd.(China) and Daewoo Bus Corporation (Korea). As a key bus manufacturer of the Ministry of Transportation, Guilin Daewoo buses and coaches feature luxury, reliability, main products include mid/high class of large, mid and light coaches, city buses and luxury tourist coaches.

Since its establishment, advanced technology and management from Korea Daewoo have been introduced into the company. With constantly technology innovation, we have developed more than 100 models, ranging form 8-12metres. Sales have been in the first rank in China’s bus industry. Today, in mainland China, wherever there is an expressway, there are luxury coaches made by Guilin Daewoo.

The company gained, leading the industry, the ISO9001:2000 certification in February 2002 and the CCC (China Compulsory Certification) certification issued by China Quality Certification Centre in May 2003. Guilin Daewoo has been enjoyed the most satisfied brand in China’s bus market for its excellent quality and service.

3. Guilin Vehicle Development Co., Ltd

A joint venture company established in 2004 between Quick Bus and Liuzhou Wuling Co., Ltd, main products are V series light vehicle and special school bus.


Quick Bus A11

Quick Bus A85

Quick Bus A72

Quick Bus A6
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Re: Guangzhou Bus (GAC), Guizhu Bus Factory, Guilin-Daewoo and Quick Bus

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