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Guangzhou Honda announces new China-only brand: Li Nian

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From Leftlane.

Honda has officially announced their plans to build an all-new model developed and badged by its state-run Chinese joint venture, Guangzhou Honda Automobile, Ltd. The Japanese headquarters of Honda has invested 30 billion yen ($265 million U.S.) in a Chinese research and development center to create a new brand of China-specific vehicles.

Honda hasn't announced just how many or what type of vehicles they plan to produce and design, but given the official directive that the new cars will feature a China-specific design and branding, it's evident that Honda is very serious about the Chinese market. We wouldn't expect these Guangzhou Honda-branded vehicles to be sold outside of China, at least initially.

Guangzhou Honda has been producing cars for Honda in Japan since 1999. Currently, Guangzhou Honda produces Jazz and Accord models at the Honda Automobile (China) Company plant, but nearly all of those vehicles are exported - primarily to Europe.
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i guess this is a approch from honda to stop the "anti japanese" thing from affecting their sales.
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