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Guangzhou Honda Avancier

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From indianautosblog.

Just days after reporting that Honda’s upcoming China-only crossover will be named Honda UR-V, its exterior has been leaked online, courtesy The Honda Concept D-based crossover is expected to go on sale in China later in the year.
While up front it’s purely a Honda-inspired design, the sides instantly remind one of an Acura. It’s the Acura MDX, which is also a mid-size three-row crossover, and this makes it even more certain that the Honda UR-V will be a three-row, 7-seat crossover positioned above the Honda CR-V. Design-wise though, the profile of the Honda UR-V looks even more sportier than that of the Acura MDX, thanks to the slightly more tapered rear-end.
Chinese reports state that the Honda UR-V will be offered with a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine, which will likely be a first for a Honda crossover. Reports state that a 2.4-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine will also be on offer, and this unit may be borrowed from the Honda CR-V. A 6-speed automatic transmission will be standard. The Honda UR-V will be made locally by the Guangzhou-Honda joint venture, and should be launched in China later this year.

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Re: Guangzhou Honda UR-V

The upcoming vehicle will be called Avancier:

The name was once used for an Accord-based estate/crossover in Japan that debuted in 1999.



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