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Before J-V with Dongfeng, Peugeot had a separate joint venture with Guangzhou which ended in 1997. Guangzhou Automobile Group produced Peugeot 505 (sedan and SW) and 504 pick-up under the names GUANGZHOU GP 7202 and GP 7200, respectively.

I found some pictures of Chinese Peugeots:

Does anyone have any additional information?

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Hello Martin, I must have missed this one in December 2007.
Guangzhou Peugeot started in 1985 as joint venture in a part of the old Guangzhou Auto Works (at that time a bus factory), with the production of the 504 pickup, first skd, later ckd. Soon followed by the 504 estate car. From 1990-1997 the 505 saloon was built. In the top year 1992 20.000 vehicles were made. The company was never profitable. In 1997 Peugeot retreated and Honda took over. An attempt to produce the Peugeot 505 saloon and station wagon locally as Tianyang GP7200 and GP7222 failed.
The reason for Peugeots retreat was mainly a political question: there was a dispute between the national government and the local Guangzhou government about the license to produce cars. Peugeots retreat must have shocked the Chinese government, as the problem was settled as soon as Honda came in.

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