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Yangcheng Automobile Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. It is a joint venture invested by Guangzhou Automobile Groups and Hong Kong Zhonglong Investment Co..

Yangcheng Auto is originated from the former Guangzhou Yangcheng Automobile Factory, which was set up in 1958 and was one of the first batch of enterprises authorized by the government to produce complete vehicles and chassis. After more than forty years’ efforts, the company has become a leading enterprise in the field of automobile manufacture in Guangdong Province.

The company has 70,000 ㎡ of factory area and departments covering Administration, Personnel, Accountant, Product development, Purchase, Sales and Production. There are now 800 employees working in Ynagcheng Auto. We have more than 60 ranges of vehicles adopted into the National Public Auto Catalogue during over 30 years’ hard work and persistent investment. The company has over 0.2 billion Yuan (US$25 million)of fixed assets and more than 0.55 billion Yuan (US$69 million)of capitals totally. We have advanced production lines of body stamping, welding, coating, and complete assembly, which enable us to manufacture 15,000 units of complete vehicles annually.

We are an enterprise accredited ISO9001. Our Quality guideline is “to keep improving our management, be elaborate in manufacturing, and present our excellent products to our customers.” Our quality aim is “to seek for perfect products and turn Yangcheng into a famous brand ”. Actually Yangcheng light truck has been recognized as a famous brand in Guangzhou already.

Nowadays vehicles of Yangcheng brand have been sold to every province all over China and have been sold to some other countries as well. We have built up a wide-rang sales and service network in China. Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Liaoning, Beijing etc, which are cities and provinces along seashore or developed areas of China, are popular markets to Yangcheng Auto. We have confidence that, with our constant efforts, Yangcheng will be achieving greater achievement in the near future.

2 Tone Truck:

3 Tone Truck:

Yangcheng truck series are by introducing technology of Japan ISUZU N series, adopting the China-made diesel engine CA4D32-09 (Inter-cooling, Euro Ⅱ) or select other types of engines: 4100QBZL(Euro Ⅱ), YC4F90-20 (Euro Ⅱ), ISUZU 4JB1T(Euro Ⅱ, made in China), ISUZU 4JB1TC(Inter-cooling, Euro Ⅱ, made in Japan, with A/C). Equipped with the short-lever shift and side-set hand brake control, The cabin and chassis assy are made by ISUZU technology.

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That YCACO trucks were sold in Uruguay in the 2000's. When I was in Colón, Entre Rios (an Argentinian city near the Uruguayan border, that border was Uruguay river), I've seen three YCACOs with Uruguayan license plates and one with Argentinian license plates (probably repatriated, YCACO was never sold here).

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Really odd company profile, lots of typos and grammar issues (copied directly from profile):

"Our production line for trucks and Mini buses in Guangzhou area, the L.A. of China. We assembly the best light trucks, for 3 or 6 persons with up to 1,800 Kgr load.
Japaneese design by one of the best trucks NPR makers. Our prices had beeing re-analized to give you and your customers the lower price for the product.

We produce 1,800 units/year, this include the production of our second factory for the Mini-Bus (Coaster byty). We accept small orders delivery, some of our big customers were small a few years ago. The factory it is Joint venture with the two most important factories from Japan (IZ, TY), now exporting to the world treat trade Countries.

our Prices are too low to be publish !!

Contact us today"

Ycaco Trucks NPR 5rmotors --- China - Guangdong Manufacturer - European Business Directory, European Trade Portal, Europe B2B Marketplace

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