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Read this first, and then we can discuss.

According to insiders of FAW Group, the merger of FAW, Dongfeng and Changan has been put on the agenda and there are preliminary results.

1. FAW, Dongfeng and Changan integrated and established Guoqi Group, and completed the integration of Changan Passenger Vehicle Division, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Division and FAW Hongqi Business Division;

2. In August, the highest leadership of the central government in the future will announce this in Changchun. The headquarters of Guoqi Group is located in Changchun, and the top leaders are Yan Yanfeng, Xu Liuping, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;

3. Subsequent Jilin Automobile and FAW Car will be merged into the Passenger Vehicle Division, which may become a production plant, Tianjin FAW will be sold; Pentium Development Institute will be disbanded, personnel will go to Chang'an or go to Red Flag for an interview;

4. The first round of personnel changes may be launched in August, the second round of June next year;

5. Another joint venture company division will be established.
Similar rumors have also been floated in the past, but this time there might be some substance to it.
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