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Greatwall Motors in FRANCE SHOW CARS


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Great Wall Motor Co. is testing reaction in Europe to its Hover SUV and Wingle pickup. Even if the decision is made to enter the European market, Great Wall will proceed slowly and initially will sell in only Italy and Greece as pilot markets, said Guoqing Zheng, deputy manager of the international division. He the vehicles are likely to be under $19,000. If Great Wall decides to sell in Europe, it would launch at the end of 2007 or the beginning of 2008. The company is trying to line up distributors.



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Chinese "wind" blows in the Paris Motor Show

Chinese "wind" blows in the Paris Motor Show

China has for the first time a presence at the Paris Motor Show exhibiting five models, but their arrival was considered as a "challenge", not a "threat" by their competitors.
Despite only five models were exhibited by the companies Landwind and Great wall Motor, they displayed China's ambition to become a world-class car manufacturer, AFP reported on Friday.
"In a short term, the Chinese were not a threat, but in the medium term they clearly posed a challenge, the president and chief executive of German automaker Volkswagen, Bernd Pischetsrieder, said.
However, president of U.S. General Motors Rick Wagoner, said China would need time to become established in developed countries.
Landwind's 4x4 X-Pedition, manufactured by Jiangling group and has stepped in the markets of Germany and Netherlands, will be the first Chinese car to enter France in January 2007.
Not far from the Landwind stand, another four-wheel-drive Hover, manufactured by Great Wall Motor, was also shown, attracting visitors and journalists from various countries.
"I hope that after the Landwind, many Chinese auto manufacturers will realize the importance of the European and French markets, " Tieching Hang, a representative from Chinese embassy said at the press release of Landwind.
He added that French consumers would realize that China does not make only clothes and shoes, but also cars and even aircraft.
According to Elisabeth Young, head of Asie Auto, a company preparing to import the first Chinese vehicle into France, X- Pedition will be 20 percent or 30 percent cheaper than its equivalent models and its price will be around 16,000 euros (about 20,000 dollars).
Source: Xinhua
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