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GWM in snow

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micodelija said:
helly newryzh...welcome to the forum,yes we have intendical vehicles,i see you also like to drive in the wood,well regards and welcome again

Hi! I can"t send Private Message, becouse I"m newbe...
At what town were do you from? 90 years ago my relatives have left for Zagreb. Then they wrote, but there was such time what to answer it was impossible... And were lost... And it is insulting, in fact and now my surname is in Croatia...
micodelija said:
i am near zagreb,70 miles north...varazdin
And is there in Croatia such servise in which it would be possible to find the person by name and surnames?
Thx! And how can wrighten Croatian transcription of surname "Ryzhenko"?
1 - 4 of 48 Posts
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