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GWM in snow

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phaeton said:
What happened :confused: tell me your VW experience :)
My guess is diesel engine pump broke/froze or coil packs :D

BTW Great Pics of GW Hover, Safe & the GW Deer which looks American with long tray :thumb:

ps would you mind if I posted some pictures on an Australian 4WD site ? (the forum part )
no problem...every fans of off road and 4wd driver are welcome here,i will go there and join

my VW expiriance...VW passat new model 97 highline 1.9 TDI 90 ps! green color

turbo 63000 km...failed!
oil...every 2-3000 km,put one liter,a bottle cost 15 dollars!ž
front axel...disaster,i also don't have low profil tire..195/65/15
the seats on long sistance..bad bad bad,every time my back hurts

good on the vehicle...low fuel consuption only 5-6 liters of diesel
ali it's nice to drive it when all works fine
but i do 70000 km per year,also i have problem in winter and so...blah...i really hate VW

only good cars which i have form VW are golf II gt...115 ps,and scirroco gti!

ok...back to GWM hehe
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gr8 said:
well i am certainly a big fan of the hover now. and btw let me guess when you were in taht 50cm wet mud, in stock tires you were never stuck??
yes...we didn't stuck anywhere!!! when we do that we was doing a movie,a film which have name "what can chinese vehicle do" and we all was amazed,we take one vehicle with us...but we didn't have needs for him,only to show us the way because we drive thru that for first time,all on vehicles is how it's got from company,that also we plan to do with deer model and safe model,we think that with those cars that won't be any problem,first we pick CUV because all talk about's city vehicle..yes it is...but he can do a lot on off road,you can see the picture with tire...that the reason why we take it..becuse that it a serius tire
newryzh said:
:) Hi, brother-twin!!!
Greetings from Ukraina!
helly newryzh...welcome to the forum,yes we have intendical vehicles,i see you also like to drive in the wood,well regards and welcome again
newryzh said:
Hi! I can"t send Private Message, becouse I"m newbe...
At what town were do you from? 90 years ago my relatives have left for Zagreb. Then they wrote, but there was such time what to answer it was impossible... And were lost... And it is insulting, in fact and now my surname is in Croatia...
i am near zagreb,70 miles north...varazdin
newryzh said:
And is there in Croatia such servise in which it would be possible to find the person by name and surnames?
yes it have,i must check but temporay not have many time for that,try the official site of the croatian police department,of just from the regular phone book on the internet is the police office is the phone book,just click on the link tel.imenik,and there write the last name,from which town and so
06STI said:
So how do those Great Walls run?

the interior seems kind of cheap, how much do they cost?
first of all interior isn't cheap,all great wall have the interior from german company (for deer,safe,hover,wingle) pegasus,sing and socool have chinese interior but it's ok,much better quality than a year or two ago,you can read some post before where i write the prices

on croatian...RIZENKO
micodelija said:

because i don't know how to put bigger ones..i will put one by one
did somebody still remember this car??? before couple of years ago he was new, have only 5000 km, ready for press testing...and now....

after harsh usage and couple of years...he is back, gentelman came to us at regular service, car how have almost 125.000 km, also the owner install LPG sistem in it, this is the first model which came here at our region, 2006 year model, it's a model without airbags and abs and despite all hard use, car still goes very well, paint is little bit damaged at some parts but interior, engine, 4x4 sistem, gearbox, all is still in good condition
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21 - 27 of 48 Posts
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