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GWM Socool vs ZX Grandtiger ??

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I’m from Uruguay and these two brands are just being introduced to our market, so there isn’t much experience around to know which is better, or the pros or cons of each vehicle that come with experience, things that you can’t know by seeing a spec sheet or a brochure.

So I would like to know if anyone has experience with any of these 2 pickups and in that case which would you recommend? Also I take any supported observation on people knowledge of components or specs. Almost anything is welcome.

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you can compare socool model with a zx grandtiger model because soocoll was introduces before couple years ago and grandtiger is a completly new model repsesented in bejing auto show 2006, for comparation better is to chosse gwm wingle model
is it avalaible some new models of gwm? maybe a sailor model, it have a gasoline engine and interior which is the same like in wingle, only don't have abs and airbags...which isn't so matter because it's a working car,wingle is expect to get gasoline engine during 2008 year

ussualy in older pick up there is 2.2 gw491 engine, (toyota 4y), i think for some markets that can be order with carburator or mpi fuel sistem, engine power is 78 kw, 195 nm, fuel consuption is between 10 or 12 liters of gasoline,dimensions of socool is 5095x1795x1710 and have regular double cab with cargo area between 1,4 meters

socool model

the sailor model is avalaible in two double cab types, regular or extra long, extra long have cargo area over 1,8 meters,so the vehicle is quite long

here is the sailor model

much modern interior than in socool
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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