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Haima 7X (Family F8)

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Spy shots of the Family F7 successor, codenamed VF00, derived from the concept car shown in 2018. Prototyping was completed in October of last year.


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Re: Haima VF00 (new MPV)

Very bold project. The front is very... cosmic :)
Haima Family F8

MIIT Notice reveals the name as Family F8:

Dimensions (mm):
Length: 4815 Width: 1874 Height: 1720

Wheelbase (mm): 2860

Displacement (ml); Power (kw)
1497; 121

Source: MIIT
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Haima 7X

Good to see FAW-Haima stir. This Haikou-based company had not produced anything after August 2019, when it rolled out just 3 (yes, three) Family F5. The 7X pictured is of July 2020 manufacture. The Zhengzhou-based establishments have been a little more active in the meantime.

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Finally we see some photos of the 7X that highlight it's very novel and innovative styling, of the exterior.
Who would have thought that it would be from Haima that such welcome creativity should spring.
I had grown tired of grilles that have become hackneyed and stale, many looking like no more than a gaping fish mouth, or collection of chicken wire. The profile is very pleasing as well. Such that I'd be very happy to have it seen in my driveway.
Now, hopefully no one will inform me that it's a copy of some other carmaker's design.:rolleyes:
Perhaps they can give it a nice appropriate name so as to distinguish it from all the X7s and X70s.:)
Haima 7X

FAW-Haima 7X launched:

I generally do not wish to speak ill of any car/company, and I sincerely hope that this model does well at the market and survives longer than its predecessor, the V70/F7 which wrapped up after three years of production (2016-18), but it is also true that weak local brands like Haima have simply shifted out of the car-buying population's radar (and this was evident even before COVID). The total volume for the three or four models that Haima + FAW-Haima currently struggle to keep in production is grossly inadequate to sustain the operation of three factories (or even one for that matter) for any stretch of time; the economics just don't add up. The local governments may prop them up for some time but even they will run out of patience after a while.
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I once again enjoyed reading the above comment on the X7, posted by DMitra, who was a regular contributor to this website, and who is much missed by me, and others I am sure.
His insight here typifies his broad knowledge of the industry, and I'm grateful that he shared a unique perspective that helped make this site a valuable resource.
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