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Haima 8S (SG00)

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Haima "S6"

This vehicle is based on a new platform dubbed, Toyota-like, as HMGA (Haima Global Architecture) and will most likely be called S6, as Erik (in another thread) and the following articles have pointed out.
8S launched:


But, how about those door hinges......hammered out by the local Hainan blacksmith.
The 8S is made in the big Zhengzhou Haima Car complex in Guancheng dt. (and not to be confused with the Zhongmu County NEV facility), so flying in a blacksmith from Hainan would be a tad problematic :D
IKCO has started producing pilot batches of the Haima 8S at its Khorasan (Binalood) factory.
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1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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