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Re: Zhengzhou Haima Yao

It reminds me of the Kia Cadenza/K7 and some other Chinese products (including previous generation Audi A6 interior), but it's definitely good-looking and their product plan for the upcoming years shows that Haima should be taken seriously.

BTW, I have accidently started two threads about the Haima Yao:

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M8 becomes "Family Special Edition"

Haima M8 has entered the Family family :lol: in November with a change of name to Family Special Edition (福美来专车版 fumeilai zhuanche bǎn). Zhuanche (专车) roughly translates to special-car or limousine; "bǎn" is edition or version.

[It may be recalled that the V70 had been recently renamed Family 7-Seat Edition (七座版 qi zuo bǎn). Even before that, the M5 became Family M5 and then simply Family Sedan (福美来轿车 fumeilai jiaoche)]

Production of the M8/Special Edition has reportedly picked up in the 4th quarter of 2016, after remaining suspended for most part of the year.

Family Special Edition:

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