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Hangzhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd. (Long River EV) is a producer of electric-powered commercial vehicles based in Yuhang Dt., Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It is part of Hong Kong-based FDG Electric Vehicles Ltd., which has interests in battery and CV manufacture.

Articles have appeared on the imminent launch of their eCOOL (逸酷) passenger car:

The eCOOL was first exhibited more than a year ago (see).
Two versions are expected: E60 or C5 (5-seat 4-door) and E50 or C2 (2-seat 2-door), measuring 3.6 m and 3.2 m respectively.

The eCOOL is not an LSEV. The motor is capable of a peak output of 75 kW and peak torque of 160 Nm.
Max. speed is reportedly 136 km/h. Batteries are lithium iron phosphate.

eCOOL E60/C5:

Company info:


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FDG Electric Vehicles

Presentation of FDG Electric Vehicles Limited

FDG Electric Vehicles Limited is an international company specialized in the R&D, production and distribution of new energy electric vehicles and their core components. Backed by Hong Kong’s unique advantages as an international and Asian financial center, the Group is active in building an innovative marketing platform for the green new energy electric vehicle industry and the recycling of lithium-ion and energy storage batteries.
Hangzhou Changjiang Automobile
In accordance with the Company’s development strategy for new energy electric vehicles and taking into account the general planning requirements of the Zhejiang Province and the Hangzhou Municipal Government for developing the new energy electric vehicle industry, the Company completed the merger and reorganization of Hangzhou Changjiang Coach Co., Ltd. which was renamed to Hangzhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd. after the reorganization.
The predecessor of Hangzhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd. was Hangzhou Changjiang Coach Co., Ltd. which was established in 1954. It was among the first batch of designated coach producing enterprises of the Ministry of Construction and has accumulated more than 30 years of expertise in coach production. It is also one of the few specialized trolleybus manufacturers in China. Its “Changjiang” and “Xianfei” buses, trams and tourist coaches had achieved relatively high name recognition in the early years. In particular, air-conditioned trams, articulated air-conditioned trams and “dual energy” trams developed and produced by the company are all green vehicles accredited to be domestically advanced and therefore are well received by the market.
After the reorganization of Hangzhou Changjiang Coach Co., Ltd., the Company will inject capital into Hangzhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd. and build new plants with the support of its strong R&D capabilities and solid financial strength. It will also introduce to Hangzhou Changjiang Coach Co., Ltd. the brand new forward design technology of all-electric vehicle series models developed by Jasmin International Auto R&D (Beijing) Co., Ltd. over the past six years for the implementation of the electric vehicle industrialization project – the construction of a brand new core electric vehicle plant in Hangzhou’s Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone. The new plant covers an area of 467,086.9 m2. Construction is divided into two phases. State-of-the-art production facilities for five major processes (stamping, welding, painting, assembly and electric control) as well as testing lines and technical centers are to be built according to high standards and specifications. In Phase I, gross floor area of approximately 300,000 m2 will be built. The 100,000 all-electric vehicles plant is expected to be completed with the aim of building Changjiang Automobile into a model enterprise for large-scale production and operation of electric vehicles in China.


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This will mean the end of Changjiang's U.S. arm, called "Chanje" in its tie-up with Smith Industries, and Fedex, in the U.S.. But what about Changjiang's parent, FDG Electric Vehicles, Ltd.. Will it survive I wonder.
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