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Lighten up everybody.
This "Lunar New Year" holiday, for East Asians, is a lot of fun.
The Chinese call it the Spring Festival , as it occurs on the lunar calendar marking the first new moon. It's January 22nd this year, and the date varies year to year, like Easter does. Chinese have already been tidying up and preparing dumplings and other delicious goodies for two weeks. Now there will be some two weeks more of celebration, before wrapping up in the Lantern Festival Day celebration.
After obeisances to the departed life-giver grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents, have been paid , the fantastic variety of left over food, prepared so carefully and lovingly, is there for us to enjoy.
Year after year I haven't seen any post by Chinese, or other East Asians, about this. Is it the firewall? I don't know. It would be a pity not to preserve such a rich tradition. Let's keep it up, and always cherish it.
Well, here's hoping everyone out there will hop their way on into a healthy and happy new year ahead! 新年快乐!
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