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Re: Haval h9
they did it cut whole article:
According to Ellis, the H9 fell short by 0.45 points in the frontal offset test. If it had scored enough points it would have been eligible for ANCAP’s pole test. That, in turn, would have added points to its score and helped it over the line for a five-star rating. The H9 needed 32.5 points to be rated five-star safe, but without the pole test it scored just 30.7 points.

they miss some points at frontal test so car wasn't tested at pole test, if pole test was good, car will have 5 star rating
sure this is a good test, but as premium maker, it should 5 star rating, no matter what, they simply must to upgrade the model and do the new test to get 5 star rating
41 - 60 of 67 Posts