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Hello from the UK!

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Hello guys! im new to this forum so i thought i would introduce myself. my name is Paul and i live in Cornwall in the UK. i don't exactly drive a Chinese car but as its an MG (now owned by NAC) i thought i would share it with you. its a 2004 MG ZS 180 with a 2.5 V6 engine. i hope you like it. i will post more pictures when i am allowed!
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hey Willem! nice to see you over here. you need to get your signature sorted out!
I guess you're MG is made in UK? Is it a good car? I assume whoever owns it now will continue to produce the same car, still in UK maybe?
Its one of the best cars of the world.
We are waithing to see if there will be new types of Zeds in the future.
hey BringIt. the ZS was made in the UK until last year when MG-Rover went under. i don't think NAC will be making the ZS in its current form though as Honda still own the design rights (it started life in 1996 as a British built Civic). fingers crossed for something similar though.......:)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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