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Welcome to CCF, ChinaDriver,

Here's some suggestions:
105,500¥-Toyota Vios GL-i 1.5L
139,800¥-Toyota Corolla Gl-i(out of your price range, but worth it!)
96,800¥-Honda City/Fit base price
119,800¥-Peugeot 307(she's quite a looker!)
Probably VW polo (couldn't find the price)
I'll give you some more ideas later, I have to go.
(Personally, I wouldn't buy a Chinese car -besides maybe
a Roewe or Zhonghua- because they're death traps.
Japanese and German cars are very reliable and I'm sure
you'd be happy with one as well as much safer
,but If you want to be patriotic,
I respect that too).

If not, why not try the Buick Excelle?

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You people(not everyone, but you know who I'm talking about if it's you) should be ashamed of yourselves! Your blatent racist mud-slinging debates
have caused Chinadriver to leave CCF for good!
This is my 200th post btw :D . My 100th post at GMI was posted
earlier today too!:D
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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