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Hi from a new member

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Hi everyone....nice forum! I've been driving an Excelle 1.6MT for the last 3 1/2 years. It's time for a change, the Excelle has been fine my only real complaint is the wind and road noise at high speed (120kmh+). I'm thinking of looking at the Ford Focus 5 door 1.8 MT, but I'm open to suggestions of nicer/better cars in that price range [ie up to 130k] (must be available with Manual Transmission and have at least 4 doors!)...does anyone have any recommendation's?

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Get the 1.8 Turbo if you're going to get it!

I think their stock colors are silver, and silver, and silver.

But they do custom colors as well, pastel blue etc etc. Their showroom is over on Chong Qing road, not far from the Buick garage.
ChinaDriver said:
For the same money (or less) than the Excelle I can have this ;)

Hmmm I want one!
Go for it!!!
4*real*Made_in_China said:
Go for it!!!
Sorry I can't say that. There is something about the grill and the back, esp. the lights that just doesn't do it for me. :nono: Otherwise, :nod:
You people(not everyone, but you know who I'm talking about if it's you) should be ashamed of yourselves! Your blatent racist mud-slinging debates
have caused Chinadriver to leave CCF for good!
This is my 200th post btw :D . My 100th post at GMI was posted
earlier today too!:D
hi guys... i newbie at this forum! i read a lot of topics- this forum is very nice
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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